Any effect on my pregnant daughter whilst I am on rads?

Hi All,
Am due to start rads on 26th. My daughter is 8 weeks pregnant. Can I still stay in close contact with her or should I keep my distance if I am radioactive in any way? Will obviously ask at next hospital appt.
Just wondered if anyone knew whats best?
Thanks Lynn x

I’d ask at your appointment. My daughters were 4 and 2 when I had rads and I was not told to keep away from/not hold them. However, my friend’s Dad had prostrate cancer and had radioactive balls inserted into him and was advised not to let his grandsons sit on his lap for a bit.

Good luck


Hi Lynn

I dont think you are radioactive to others when you are having rads. My children were 1 and 4, and the only time I had to keep away due to radiation was after my radioactive bone scan. Nothing was said during the 20 rads.

All the best xx


You will absolutely fine being close to your daughter during radiotherapy. Having radiotherapy does not make you radioactive in any way but as someone says, there are treatments when you have radioactive materials placed in your body which do make you radioactive, such as certain dyes if you are having a scan etc. The effects of radiotherapy are similar to a normal xray - as soon as the machine is switched off, it is safe.

Thanks for your comments everyone, much appreciated! and will check it out at next appt.
Best wishes to you all. Lynn x