Any experience re re-excision?

Hello everyone,


I have a re-excision coming up at the end of this month. My first operation was on 1 October and my breast is still swollen, feels heavier than the other (healthy) side, and is on and off a bit painful from the first operation (the nipple in particular doesn’t like the world at all at the moment). I guess this is all normal. (?)


Does anyone among you have experience with re-excision? Did your medical team check your breast some time before the second operation, or just in the morning of surgery day? Should I try and show it to someone if I’m concerned it might not have healed well enough - or does this not even matter under the circumstances?


As ever, I’d be grateful for any and all advice.



Joining up with you on this one Rapunzel…


Anyone got any experiences to share? I presume it is a lot quicker recovery as theer is no SNB, but is it more painful going back in again?

I had a re-exision after my mastectomy as they’d not got clear margins and had to shave the chest muscle to get them. They didn’t check anything (while I was concious anyway :slight_smile: ) For me the recovery was actually longer than from the mastectomy as it wouldn’t heal properly (but a previous cancer 12 years previously meant they were going in the same place for the 3rd time plus I’m diabetic which doesn’t help). The surgery itself was quicker though and I got to go home the same day instead of having to stay in overnight which was welcome.


I had a re excision and found the recovery much easier than the wle/snb. I had no problems healing afterwards and  was a day case. I was checked by my surgeon on the day I signed the consent which was a week before my op. This was mainly to see how the re excision would affect the shape of my breast. My nipple area was excised at my first op because of the position of my tumour. 

Wishing you a good recovery and results


Well I have been done (again)!


As before with the SNB and original WLE it was day case.


The surgeon went inthrough the original scar and removed more tissue to , hopefully, get clear margins. Results not for 3 weeks though so it’s going round in my head what to say if they are not clear this time… go again or go for the mx


Pain not bad, just paracetomol and ibuprofen. Constipation a bit of a problem , but don’t know if that is down to a different anaethetists chosen cocktail or the codeine that I took briefly at night.


I was also not so worried this time about the op and ga as I knew what to expect.


Now just the wait…

Hello I had a re-excision last week, and it seemed to go OK. I think I was less worried about the surgery as I knew what to expect. I also think it was a shorter surgery than the original one with SNB. It’s not been too painful since, though I still have bad nerve pain from original SNB. I go back to see the breast care nurses this Thursday to find out if they got clear margins this time. If not, then what next? A third excision or go for mastectomy?? One step at a time I guess…

Does anyone know how many times they can do the lumpectomy? 


I suppose it does depend on how well endowed you are, but is there an ethical limit?

Hello everyone,


I’m also back from the second round of anesthesia land. Apparently it all went smoothly (that’s what the surgeon said) - fingers crossed I don’t have to go for a third round. I was also less nervous the second time round, and I have the feeling that because it was a shorter operation, recovery might also be a little swifter. Anesthesia was different for me, too (different doctor - different drugs, I wish they would tell us more about what we’re being given).


Willowherb: I’ve been told that some ladies need three operations (not sure about more, though). If the margin is not clear this time, I’ll have to have a good think about what to do next - and a good, long talk with the surgeon. I’d probably go for a third operation, but I’m beginning to wonder whether there might be ways of checking how big this thing really is. I haven’t had an MRI so far, for instance, but I’m not sure it would show up on that.


Anyone any experience, ideas with regard to this?






Getting results today re re-excision. Can’t deny I’m rather nervous. Let’s hope they got it all this time round, and that we can move on and discuss/set up a treatment plan now. Please keep fingers crossed, everyone! Thanks!

Hi Rapunzel glad to hear your re-excision results were good and you can move on to the next stage.


Willowherb so sorry your news wasn’t as positive. I hope your new surgery date isn’t too long.  I’m one week on from my re-excision and won’t get a results clinic till 12 Dec so that’s going to be a very anxious wait. Part of me is thinking yep, it’s all out so delay not a problem and another part is going but what if …


Coping by getting lots of jobs done off the “things to do sometime” list, and I’m going back to work on Thursday for a complete change of focus. Just two days a week basic admin job non stress … if I was still teaching I wouldn’t be going back lol!


Hugs to all on this thread.

Willowherb think you have just made my mind up for me. Just been for my results from my second surgery and one lateral margin was not clear by 1mm.  I have to go in for anc anyway and I think I am going for third time lucky too otherwise it will be mx but I feel that I should give it one more go.  Glad that all your surgery is over with.  Ive got a week to make up my mind …

Hi Willowherb, my bcn is on holiday this week but I will have a long chat with her on Monday before I make my decision on Wednesday.  My surgeon says that guidelines say he has to recommend mx but he understands I am anxious about losing my breast and as all the margins are clear, even though one is not big enough and will need shaving he will give me the choice.  I am already having the anc and dont think I can cope with that and an mx at the same time.  He has stated that this is the last time he will go in and a 4th surgery with be for a mx if necessary.  I feel I need to give my boob one more chance and we’ve been through so much already.

Know how you feel.   Had my first surgery in Oct, second in November and I still have to wait until 10th Jan for my re reexcision and anc.  Thought this was meant to be the easy part but I still dont know how many lymph nodes involved and as you can imagine I have all sorts going round in my head while I am waiting for them to be taken away.  People are saying to me I can forget about it now and concentrate on Christmas - yeah easy!  Take care x



I hope you managed a good Christmas and that you could , for a little, forget the merry-go-round we are all on. Thinking of you next week and fingers crossed that this time it’s all sorted.




Again, I hope Christmas was peacful and that finally you got your results


Let’s just hope 2019 is a better year for all of us

Thanks ladies for your thoughts and wishes.  I am home.  Third incision into breast is very sore but then so is the anc wound.  Just a waiting game now

I’m going in for the 4th re-excision on Friday. Just can’t seem to get these clear margins at all…very very nervous now and feeling really down 

Stirts … good luck with your surgery tomorrow. Let’s hope this one sorts it out.


Willowherb, sorry to hear you’re  suffering SE from the tablets … out of interest what are you on? I’ve just got my first onco appt for 6 Feb and assume they will prescribe at that time. Would like to do some research prior as I know they all come with a range of SEs. Don’t like the sound of feeling 90, especially since I feel quite fit at the moment!


daisy … hope your recovery still progressing well.


hugs to you all.

Had 4 re-excisions and the last one was successful …glad that I persevered !