Any feedback on Datar Cancer Genetics for Early Cancer Detection


This is a bit out there and premature even for me, but I heard about this company that does some very thorough genetic testing on the tumours so as to advice which chemotherapy, off-label drugs or even supplements have the best impact on your particular tumour. The test is called Exacta and needs to be self-funded, possibly prescribed by the oncologist though. Note that I do not have any affiliation with the company and have not used them (yet). They also have some innovative blood screening tests for early detection of cancer Trublood and Trucheck (still need to figure out what’s what).

As everyone here, I want with all my heart to prevent any recurrence or further cancer. So my “master plan” is the following:

  1. Treatment - ideally powered by this Exacta test to ensure that I only take medicine and supplements that actually do something for me
  2. Prevention: optimise sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress (in the limits of what’s humanly possible and enjoyable)
  3. Early detection: if the above fails, I’d like to avoid wondering if a pain or throb is something serious or not and have such a test on a yearly basis for the foreseeable

I’m in the process of gathering information about this company, if using their tests is worthwhile and any feedback from fellow forum patients would be very welcome!


Thank you for posting this, irrrina. I will follow any feedback with interest and maybe take a look at them myself. I am just very wary of new kids on the block who over-promise :slight_smile:
Presumably, you/they would need access to your tumour tissue for them to run tests. That in turn would need the involvement/complicity of your medical team.

I have never heard of this before, but also very interested as I have secondary triple negative bc so the options for me are somewhat limited. Do keep us updated with anything you find out.
Lisa x