Any good docetaxol stories?

Hi.  I’ve finished my three FEC, so it’s onto the docetaxol next.  I’m starting to dread it.  I’ve read about some of the awful experiences some people have had.  I’m starting to panic, so would really love to hear of some poeple who didn’t have such a hard time to get some balance.  I hope there are some.


emma xx

hi i just had tax today and was worried and anxious about reactions id read can happen during the chemo.

it went better than i thought…no reaction in hospital and so far less nauseas. i am on stronger anti sick at the mo as had awful time with the FEC. I expect to have less sleep this week as on steroids, and all set up for pain…wondering how bad it will be but we are all diff and i usually deal with pain better than sickness or stomach trouble  …my stomach could do with a rest. 

i may be on here crying with pain next but will see how i cope .

hope all goes well for you and please try not to worry too much i found the worrying about today was worse than the doing x


Hi ladies I’m 5 weeks finishing chemo Fec and docetaxel the first docetaxel was the worse started on day 3 and I started to feel better on day 12 after injections finished got pains and thrush ( both ends!!!) told oncologists at review and they gave me stronger meds and reduced dose which I begged them not to but they said I was still getting required dose and sister on chemo unit said they reduce 99% of us and she doesn’t know why they don’t give that dose anyway… On other hand another lady I’ve had chemo whit was fine on it said Fec was worse so all different… Please don’t worry it is all doable and the finish line is in sight … A friend sent me a card with this quote on
You are stronger than you think and braver than you feel … Take care xxxx

Hello Emma. I had 6 Tax (finished April) along with Herceptin and Perjeta (which are continuing).

Although not pleasant the main SE was diarrhoea, which you can deal with using immodium.  Day3/4 I got some flu like symptoms so would rest as much as possible also some taste changes.

Having read lots of ladies accounts of terrible pain I think that they have had the injections for white blood cells which I didn’t have. I never was or felt sick. Does leave you tired though.

Hopefully you will cope very well as I have heard the FEC is pretty difficult.

Good luck.  Marli xx

Thank you all for your replies. It helps to know not everyone has it as bad. I hope you are all doing well now. Xx

Hi rob em. I too am at same stage as you and have same feelings! The reports sound horrendous. I am having discussions with my oncologist as permanent numbness in my fingers would be a real problem for me as I play music and paint. Also I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia which is a worry if this treatment will make worse.

Hi rob.em. I was terrified of having T after FEC. But I have had 2 now and the worst bit for me has been the fatigue! So it means staying in bed for a couple of days wiped out but no sickness. And my hair has started growing back. I’ve also had hot flushes but very doable. I didn’t need to be terrified. Big hugs xxxxxxxx

Oh thank you Sarah.  That is just what I needed to hear.  Hopefully your experience is of comfort to rosarty as well.  A couple of days in bed I can handle.  Exciting about the hair too.  Can’t wait.  Best wishes to you for the rest of your treatment. Xxx

Hi All

I have just my first dose of dosetaxel on tuesday 1/12/15 and so far so good, no sickness, nausea or anything really awful, I was on FEC before and the side effects were awful and I am afraid I couldn’t complete my treatment on FEC, so at the moment all seems to be ok, but don’t want to speak to soon.

I just wanted to know if anyone had any idea if the side effects change the more chemo you have.

Fiona xx



I have just finished my three FEC too and had my first doxetaxol yesterday. I went out today to meet up with a friend and the only side effect I had was a kind of ‘heavy’ tiredness of my body. It felt like I was dragging weights around my legs! I am quite nervous about the possible pains I may get as I am awaiting an operation to have my gallbladder removed - this is on hold until my chemo is completed. The FEC played havoc with my gallbladder and colon and I ended up in hospital twice to get my pain under control so I just hope I’ll be OK. I had no nausea with FEC though. Hope everyone is coping OK. Love Bee xxx

Hi I have just started my docetaxol yesterday and so far not to bad the thing that is really getting to me is the injections and trying to remove the protective cap from the pre filled syringes with the safety guard. My be it is just my fear of injections getting to me. Does any one have an easy answer.

laine xx

I thought I’d share my experiences with Docetaxel after having 3 rounds with 3 to go. I’ve also experienced 6 FEC so know it is a very different beast. Everyone will be different and a diary of your side effects and how you felt is the most useful thing. But the main thing for me is it has got easier with each cycle.

The first round is pretty grim becasue you don’t know what to expect, the oncologist’s only piece of advice was “wear a thicker pair of socks if your feet hurt”! I think there is a general denial in oncology about the side effects, so you may not have an arsenal of drugs with you to combat the side effects of the first round. But get them and don’t be fobbed off.

I do my own GCSF injections and do them in the evening as this seems to make the bone pain far less. It doesn’t last and the first one is the worst. Personally only found codeine touched the pain.

I was sick throughout the first round but now take anti sickness med Ondansetron religiously for 10 days and feel fine. I take Lansoprazole every day for the heartburn which was just as bad as with FEC.

I also take Clarityn for 6 days from day 1 - no idea if it helps but I read it somewhere on this forum!

The most tiresome thing is the loss of taste and sore mouth. I improved this drastically this round by eating 6 icelollies whilist I was having the treatment. 6 lasted justed over the hour of the infusion. Food still tastes odd but somethings taste normal enough to carry on with a fairly normal diet. Totally transforming to still have a cup of tea every morning. Mouth is less sore but still using Cordysyl toothpaste and mouth wash.

Oncologist prescribed Caphosol mouth wash which I think is expensive, but does help with oral thrush.

First two rounds I dare not stray too far from a bathroom for about 2 weeks but my insides seem to have sorted themselves out. Don’t be tempted to take a laxative becasue the steroids make you constipated. Just wait that extra day and have Immodium standing by.

The tiredness is all consuming on days 7-10 for me so I look forward to a Netflix and sofa time.

So the only side effect I haven’t managed to tame is the aching, throbbing, tingling legs and feet and hands which  stops me being active and stops me sleeping. This is the peripheral neuropathy and no pain killers touch it because it is nerve pain. I’ve started Epsom salts baths which are very relaxing if nothing else. I’m taking vitamin B supplements also. I’m hoping the oncologist may reduce the dose and that will sort this out. Just don’t want it to be permanent.

The only other thing I have found is that I am very tearful. If anyone cries on the TV I’m sobbing. Can’t watch a wildlife programme becasue I’m howling over the dying animals. Cute makes my cry also!

So I am optimistic that I will survive the next 3 rounds. I was prepared to give it up after round 1.

I hope everyone is doing OK and finding their way through. It has been brilliant to read everyone’s tips so thank you to all those posters over the years making more sense of it all than the NHS!


I have finished 3 FEC and now will start the T could enyone tell me what can I expect? I read the forum and somebody wrote that her hair started to grow during Decetaxol treatment. I have heard that I will loos my hair. I am using cool cup and still have my hair. What kind of injection have to have after treatment not the same then after FEC? I am still working. is it really different? I read about the tiredness and a joint ache. Is anybody still working with Decetaxol treatment?