Any Her2 positive grade 3 people out there?


It is 5.35am and I can’t sleep. Are there any Her2 grade 3, 2 positive nodes ladies that have gone through chemo, herceptin and tamoxifen?

All I see in my mind is that my cancer is agressive. I’m having a port fitted on Friday 12th February at mount vernon. I have had one chemo and have got phlebitis in one arm and lymphodema in the other am wearing a compression glove.

I can cope with the treatments (I think) and the painful phlebitis and the lymphodema but I can’t cope with knowing that I am Her2 positive which is aggresive.

I am 50, 51 in May when my chemo finishes. We are moving to a new house in April but I am not excited.

Look forward to hearing from anyone and apologies for being so down.


Hi mnc

Sorry to read that you are feeling so low, please feel free to call our helpline for further support and a listening ear if you it would help to talk things over with someone in confidence, the line is open weekdays from 9-5 and Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000. Our team can also talk to you about other support services BCC runs.

One example is live chat on Thursday evenings where you can chat online in real time, it is facilitated by an experienced moderator and a specialist nurse who are on hand to point you to sources of help and information. This runs from 9-10pm and this link will take you to more information, to join click on the link to the left at 9pm on Thursday if you decide to give it a try.

Take care

Hi mnc,

Yep I’m just like you, diagnosed May 2007 grade 3 widespread DCIS, 2 out of 10 nodes affected. I’ve had a mastectomy, chemo, radiotheraphy, Herceptin and I’m currently on Tamoxifen until 2012.

At first I used to look at my daughter who was just 2 at the time and think I wouldn’t see her grow up, I was devastated, but I’m still here to see her starting school in August. I’ve learnt not to think too far ahead but rather to go with the flow (sometimes easier said than done)and also not to get hung up on statistics, I did too much searching on the internet in the early days and scared myself witless, now I’m grateful for all the treatment I’ve had and the fact that at the moment I’m well.

I wish you all the very best, take care


Hi mnc,

My lovely wife Janet has a very similar diagnosis to yours: HER2+, grade 3, 2 nodes, and also ER+/PR+. We just finished the chemo 4 weeks ago.

The way I look at it is this: whilst it is aggressive, at least we know some reasons why it is aggressive and something can be done about it: Herceptin to block the HER2 receptiveness and hormone therapy to get rid of Oestrogen. If it were aggressive and we didn’t know why, then that would be more scary.

It’s hard, I know, but with all the treatments they are throwing at it, the prognosis is actually quite good. I do hope you are able to come to terms with it and enjoy life (including your new house); the chances are that there will be a lot of it left.

Hi mnc

Another Her2 positive grade 3 here. I was diagnosed last June. I had a lumpectomy followed my another op as they couldnt get clear margins. I had all my lymph nodes removed as well as I had cancer in 1 lymph node. I had my last chemo on the 21st Jan (4 Fec followed by 3 Tax). I am due to start radiotherapy on the 26th Feb (went for my planning yesterday) this will be followed by a year of Herceptin. Its a long road but I am willing to travel on it to help keep the cancer away. I too felt very frightened when I found out that I was Her2+ and I had done all the reading up on it but I am now of the mind set that I am doing everything possible to help re occurance and can do no more than that. Like you I could not think about anything but cancer and especially it being what it was. If someone had told me I had won the lottery I wouldnt have even got excited about that! it was my every thought, morning, noon and night. I am not saying that I dont think about it anymore as that would be a lie but its not on my mind as much as it was and I do belive as time goes on and I get further down the line with my treatment it wont dominate my thoughts. I also feel that there are new treatments coming out to hopefully benefit our type of cancer (thank goodness for Herceptin!) If I can help you in anyway please ask. I really do know how you are feeling.
Take care
Love Karen xx

Hi Mnc

I wasn’t sure whether to answer your post or not as I’m further down the line than you, but I think that’s a good thing as I’ve seen lots of milestones I didn’t think I’d see. However, I am back on treatment so that might worry you? But as you may have realised, everyone on here is very different, there are so many variations to our disease and it does help to hear other stories.

I was diagnosed just after my 2nd little boy was born in July 07 with grade 3, her2+, hormone neg ductal, and had chemo, rads, WLE and total lymph node clearance (12/15 nodes positive). I finished herceptin in oct 08 and was treatment free for 11 months.

I had a regional recurrence in sep 09 in my lymph nodes in neck and chest, but it hadn’t spread anywhere else. So went back on herceptin and a new chemo called vinorolbine, but that didn’t work well enough so am now on lapatinib (works in similar way to herceptin) and capecitabine. just need to have one more cycle then will have pet scan to see how things are responding. It was devastating that it came back, but that was because I had so many positive nodes, so it was very likely.

I’m doing ok - physically just a bit tired and various little side effects (no one would know from looking at me!!) - but psychologically things are hard esp with 4 and 2 year old.

I know how scary it is when you’re coming to terms with all this at the beginning, but please use this forum to talk with others, see a psyhologist if you feel that would help (it has for me) and just be yourself as much as you can.

being her2 pos isn’t very different now to being neg as we have herceptin and lapatinib to use which even things out, so don’t dwell on that.

hope i have helped a bit?



I was diagnosed in April 2008 with high grade DCIS. Had a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. Unfortunately the lymph nodes were positive with 13/13 showing traces of cancer. I was then re-diagnosed with Grade 3 hormone negative and HER2 postive. Have had the chemo and radiotheraphy and the Herceptin which finished on Xmas Eve 2009. I had to have a four month break from June 09 to September 09 because of heart issues caused by the Herceptin but which rectified without medication and enabled me to finish the Herceptin. At the moment I appear to be sympton free but remain ever vigilant. I can remember only too well how I felt when first diagnosed because I didn’t display the ‘usual symptons’ one associates with cancer. I had never heard of DCIS and my diagnosis was like a bolt out of the blue especially when told of the lymph node involvement. I certainly didn’t feel ill and lead a very active life…was described by my oncologist as ‘a fit lady with a disease’ It has been an amazing journey so far…physically still tire easily and emotionally have good days and bad days.



Hi mnc

I’m Her2+, grade 3, ER/PR-, 5/14 nodes positive. I too have phlebitis in my arm from the attempts at getting a vein and have a port fitted now.

Have had my chemo, radiotherapy and continuing on Herceptin.

I understand your worry about Her2 and grade 3. Altho Her2+ diagnosis is aggressive, it does at least have Herceptin as a follow on treatment from chemo. For me, not being ER+, I would not have had many further options I don’t think, so whilst I can’t say I’m glad to be Her2+, I don’t think triple negative is any better a diagnosis, which I would have been without the Her2 overexpression. No diagnosis of BC is good, obviously, but some have more treatment options than others. That’s how I look at mine anyway…I guess it depends on your diagnosis.

Herceptin has had some great results in trials and is one of the most effective treatments seen in recent years. I’m just off to get another dose now.

All the best


Hi mnc,

I too am Her2+, grade three, and with 3/16 nodes. I was dx three years ago this month, aged 44. I had mast, chemo, rads, herceptin (finally had the last one Dec 08), am currently on tamoxifen, and expect to be changed to an aromatase inhibitor some time this year. I am due to have a recon on 24th Feb. I am fit & well.

You should not worry about being Her2+ - if you have herceptin, it puts your prognosis at a similar level to someone who is not Her2+.

Hi - another Grade 3, HER2+++ here. Was diagnosed in May 2007. Had 6 chemos, 25 rads and a year of Herceptin. I had 8/14 nodes affected. I used to worry about how aggressive the cancer was. My tumour was 6cm x 2.5cms invasive ductal. I am now 55.

It really used to worry me about my prognosis and the thought that it will come back will never go away but we learn to live with it.

Love to you

Liz xx

Hello mnc,

My partner was diagnosed as Her2+, grade 3 in Nov 2004 with 5cm lump. Looks like she had at least 4 nodes positive (enlarged but not tested for cancer as she had chemo first. No cancer there when it came to surgery so looks like the FEC zapped it). We had to pay for herceptin as it was not available on NHS - but as she is still (fingers crossed) NED then looks like might have been best money we ever spent.

All the best,


Hi, I was diagnosed at age 45 in October 2006, Grade 3,33mm tumour and Her 2 positive. My tumour was not found via the initial mammo and tests and I went in as a day patient to have a 46mm fibroid removed; the tumour was hidden underneath in the middle of it and the surgeon told me the following week. I went back into hospital 3 weeks later to have my armpit cleared and it was in 1 out of 22 nodes.

I had 4 FEC, 25 rads (including 5 as a boost), then 4 Taxotere which I found a very difficult drug to tolerate. I was given 13 cycles of Herceptin.

Physically, I feel fine, but had a difficult time emotionally,partly through being rendered post menopausal and problems with my sister’s behaviour when I was ill. I received counselling for this and have now learned how to lead my life in a different way taking by accepting the fact I have had cancer.

I keep busy with work (I’m self employed, so have no choice!), study and do a bit of voluntary work. For me the key to feeling well is to have things to divert me away from dwelling on being ill. All my annual results have been good so far(touch wood). If I get to the end of remission next year it will be a big time for me as I also have my 25th wedding anniversary and 50th birthday.

Hi I am also hers2 I had wle in Dec(nodes neg) and another one in Jan to gain wider margins . I have not started my treatment yet but the nurse thinks I will have 4 chemo and 15 rads then 18 herceptin. It is a long scarey road and I struggle to sleep so I am with you there. I go to see onc at the end of the month so I will know more then it would be nice to compare notes on our journey.

Hi mnc - sorry to hear you are feeling so down, you are not on your own. I am also Grade 3, Her2 positive - only found out today I was grade 3 had previously been told grade 2 when diagnosed with BC before christmas. I imagined all sorts of things when told about the Her2 result two weeks ago, mainly worst case scenario. I was awake most of the night just like you, (seems many of us have sleepless nights) before returning to clinic today, so now will be having chemotherapy, herceptin, radiotherapy and hormone therapy - I feel a bit more positive now as I feel I have some control back in my life whereas before it seemed like I was going down a rollercoaster with no brakes, I have read so many positive things about the treatment for our type of cancer and which makes me feel that I and others will be around to enjoy things in life for a long time, but I know that in future there will be days when I feel low, I will keep thinking my “champagne glass” is half full and not half empty. I hope all goes well with the insertion of your port and with the house move. Kind regards.


When I was diagnosed I had a 4-5cm lump, grade 3, widespread DCIS and spread to lymph nodes - def one but apparently several looked abnormal. Had chemo first 3 FEC and 3 Taxotere and then a mastectomy and lymph node removal - the operation only showed cancer left in one lymph node so I actually don’t know how many were affected. I then radiotherapy and a year of herceptin. I was supposed to have all my treatment through a portacath but for various reasons I had to have it taken out so they just used my veins and they were fine.

I was diagnosed in June 2007. It is scarey and over time it gets easier to deal with.

You’re not on your own by any means.

Ruby xx

I’m in your gang - dx May 09, 2 ops, 8 chemos, in middle of rads, tamoxifen and had 6 out of 18 herceptins. Yes, it freaks me out that it is more agressive, but as road runner says, the herceptin puts the prognosis on a similar level to a HER2- cancer. Just think of herceptin as another string your bow and take all you can get!! The results from herceptin are really good. I’m 38 and all this is still hell of a shock! One day at a time…

another here…dx December 06 4.5 lump, 4 nodes affected plus some vascular invasion. had mx rads then herceptin. finished treatment july 2008. apart from my broken ribs due to car accident I am well and try to keep a lid on the constant fear that we all have lurking somewhere inside of us. It is good to read these posts especially for those yet to go through it. take care all you out there love Eileen

Hello. I’m another one - HER2+ Grade 3, diagnosed Dec 06. I had 2 positive nodes. At first I was terrified by the HER2 + diagnosis but gradually learned to accept it. Now - as others have said - I believe that Herceptin puts us in an equal position to HER negative people.

I’ve had WLE, ANC, chemo, radiotherapy, Herceptin and am now on Aromasin. I try to put BC to the back of my mind as far as possible and to get on with life - keeping busy and doing the things I enjoy.
Best wishes
Anthi x

I was diagnosed in April 2007 grade 3 ER and PR pos, HER2 pos, no nodes.
I had WLE, 4 FEC (couldn’t have more as so ill), 6 weeks rads,a year on Herceptin and then Arimidex. Now on Aromosin because of the SE from Arimidex but Aromasin is as bad. So far so good as NED at all check ups so far. I now have appts every 6 months rather than quarterly.

Good luck

Hi Yep one more here, Dx begining Dec, op on 17th dec, found out my results last week eventually HER grade 3 Possitive ER Positive with 22 nodes removed 16 infected. I am 42 years old.

I start 8 sessions of chemo this Thursday plus herceptin, radiotherapy and tamoxifen. My tumour was 5.5.

I too came out of hospital firstly with Seroma, then now lymphodema, my onc´s adviced not to lift anything over a bag of sugar in weight and too be honest this seems to have helped.

As for sleeping, welcome to the club!!! I live with 3 grown men!!! OH and sons, who have now given up one of there rooms and now share and turned it into a girlie retreat room for me, so now I have my comp, dvd etc all set up there it´s great!!!

Good luck, Love Teresa x