Any Ideas?

Prior to DX last March i had mild irritable bowl syndrome, anyway it settled down during chemo - guess there were more important things to worry about. Anyway now it’s back big time - I think the tam. makes it worse and nothing seems to help. (I’ve tried hypnotherapy, diet and conventional drugs) any ideas ladies?

have you tried buscapan

Hi, I’d give Aromatherapy, Reiki or Reflexology a go. I’m a practitioner of all of these so whole-heartedly recommend them.

Thanks ladies,
I’ve cut down on caffine and started drinking rubosh tea which along with the hypnotherapy seems to improving things a bit.

Maybe kinesiology to find out whay you ‘can’ eat or a homeopath may be able to help? The homeopath will be interested in why you have IBS and hopefully get to the root of it. (In my case, getting rid of smelly ex cured it!! Bit drastic but worth it.)