Any info greatly recieved!

Hi! I have read on here about these “genetics slinics” and am really keen to find out a little more. Firstly HOW do you find out where these such clinics are and do you have to be referred by a doctor!?

I found this site as my someone VERY close to me has just been diagnosed but they are not a blood relative however, my mother claims (i know that sounds harsh but she has mental issues) that she had double breast cancer and due to this had a double mastectomy and reconstruction…However i am almost 100% certain that she didnt infact have breast cancer she actually had preventative surgery as her mother died of breast cancer and so did her mother and sister!
IF my mother did have it does this mean i am at a VERY high risk especially taking into consideration her family history!? Also this is why i would like to be tested for the bc genes!? My mother would never admit to not having it but really considering i may be at risk i SHOULD know and so should my sister.

Sorry if i am rambling and i hope this makes sense!?

sorry i was supposed to post this in the “family history and genetics” section and now dont know how to move it!?