Any inspiring stories? In need of some hope!

Hi all

Hi. I’m a newbie.and Feeling low today.i think we all need to hear some good stories! Please post your story today!
Much love jo xx

Hi Jo,

Sorry you’ve had to join us here on the secondaries space, it is a frightening time isn’t it? I’m still fairly new myself so nothing to add just yet, but try checking out the ‘inspiring news and stories’ thread on here. It has lots of positive news.


Yes…maybe there are some long term mets survivors out there that occasionally read the topics here but don’t post.
Hopefully they will read this and tell us their inspiring stories.
Love bevlaar xxx

Hi, not long term, but doing ok. Was diagnosed Feb 2014 with lung mets and pleural effusion. Was pretty ill until July when I was put on letrozole. Feel completely fine just now (touch wood) I’m getting 3 monthly scans. Last scan showed something in my liver but onc thinks it is scar tissue from healing met.

Diagnosed 2008.

Initially stage 3, Pet scan revealed lung mets so diagnoses changed to stage 4.

Herceptn positive. First stage treatment taxotere and herceptin adjuvant chemo (May 2008) mastectomy Jan 2009.

All clear may 2009. 

Relapse October 2009 . 2nd chemo Jan 2010 capecitibine and herceptin.All clear 2011. NED subsequently. No treatment required since Jan 2011. 

The point of this post is to say keep the faith. Even if your diagnoses seems bleak there is hope. Never quite free of anxiety but perfectly possibly to carry on and live a great life full of possibilities.

Keep the faith.

beat wishes to all.


Morning ladies haven’t been on for a while so having a bit of a catch up now. I have some good news to share. Last year I was diagnosed withB/C with mets in my brain liver spine and ribs. I was put on Fec for a few months but stopped eating so was taken off as it was doing more harm than good. Then put on Letrazole which worked for a little while but when that stopped working I was put on Docetaxel but I had it in smaller doses weekly to try to avoid the side effects and whoa ho it has worked!! THe largest met in my liver is now half the size it was,  some of the smaller ones have gone completely with just a few tiny ones left. The bones are holding their own and as I have no more side effects from the brain that’s stable to. Unfortuneatly  the Docetaxel has had a severe reaction on my muscles and ability to walk so it was decided as I had nearly finnished the coarse to stop it a bit early as my results have been so good. So hang on in there until you find the right drug.I got my results on Thursday last week so now all I need to do is build the muscles back up. I will be seeing the oncologist in 4 weeks to see what happens next. I hope this bucks you up a bit Jo there is hope out there!!!

I am detected with metastatic breast cancer to bones nine months. Trying to cope with prayers and meditation. Calms the anxiety love to you

It’s not always easy to be positive but I am determined to be that way I think it’s my coping mechanism good luck everyone we are all fighting together I have secondary in my bones xx

I was diagnosed as stage 1 over 10 yrs ago and stage 4 nearly 9 years ago.changed from Er/pr+ to triple negative in 2016 and put on oral chemo. I stopped working in Oct 2016 and the chemo Stopped working Jan 2017. I was in some rough shape and in bed a lot and on round the clock pain meds.
I started a clinical trial for TNBC in Feb 2017. In less than 6 weeks it melted a 6cm adrenal gland tumor and cut a pelvic tumor in nearly half! 12 weeks in and bone mets are not lighting up as intensely on scans and reduction in amount of lymph mets. Hoping for continued success.
If interested its a phase 2 open trial with no placebo or randomization using 2 drugs: Keytruda and Imprime PGG (immunotherapy). Offered in several places around the USA. I go to the one in California. May cross post in New Treatments section. Oh and I have been off pain meds for a month!

Hello All,


I really pray my post brings hope to those that need to hear something positive and uplifiting.


Dx 2011 with both primary and secondary, multiple mets to both lungs (apparently I lit up like a xmas tree on the scans too many to count) and in 2014 a couple of spots spread to liver. Have done the usual chemo, mastectomy, rads then Tamoxifen, presently on Anastrozole (Armidex) and continued Herceptin which I’ve been on for the past 6 years. I’ve also taken a load of supplements, been clean and green ie: juicing and tried a variety of holistic treatments including spiritual healing. I beleive in throwing everything you’ve got at this thing including both conventional and alternative or complimentary.


Last Friday I went in for the results of my latest CT scan, the last one I actually had with dye contrast (they managed to get a needle in) so I was secretly dreading the outcome (you can see more with the contrast) basically I’ve got the all clear! Yep its happened I’ve got the all clear, the cancer on both lungs and liver has disappeared or as the Onc’s Reg explained its so tiny we can’t detect it on the CT scan. This is the best news ever…I am such a lucky, lucky, lucky girl. I knew about the lungs from the start but only found out by accident about the liver when I read a scan report that mentioned lesions on my liver!!! So for them to declare no sign of disease in both lungs and liver is mind blowing. 


Whilst walking on air out of the oncology department I waited outside for the other half to pick me up, another lady was waiting and we got chatting, she told me about her Dx in her 40’s (like me) over 20 years ago!!! with breast cancer, and that it had only just decided to show itself again and now she has all these new options and drugs to try out, she told me to stay positive and live my life, she was a breath of fresh air.


I hope my story inspires and brings hope to anyone that needs it. Its incredibly hard especially in the beginning when your first Dx to get to grips with whats happening to you. Letting it all out, the frustration, anger, fear its the best way forward and in time this subsides and is replaced with a new unique perspective, this is when you have to go for it, do whatever it is that you believe in and above all else live for the moment. Sending you all lots of love and light xxxxxxx

Hiya Sarah Louise
Whoop whoop what a lovely result and you must be over the moon.
I read somewhere that oncologists are now saying that herceptin isn’t just a treatment but almost the cure so you have had the very best care …it’s a pity that it isn’t suited to all bc ladies though but there is newer things coming through like ibrance etc which might be the magic bullet type treatment too.
Keep in touch

Hi I am new to the forum. I am sorry to hear all that you have been going through. You are an inspiration. I had BC in June 2012 and I think it has returned but I am waiting to see my OC on 26th March. I believe it’s in my bones and brain but I hope o am wrong. Struggling to cope at mo. This anxiety is endless.
Keep updating us please.

Wow such fantastic news.

That’s great news just keep going that’s what I do xx