any ladies from liverpool??

any ladies from liverpool??

any ladies from liverpool?? Hiya everyone

Just wonderin if there r any ladies out there getting treated in liverpool. I wud luv 2 hear from u, plus everyone else aswell.
Luv Jen xxx

hi jen Hi Jen,
I live in Mossley Hill and am being treated in Liverpool. Im under Mr. Holcombe at the Linda McCartney Centre, my profile tells you where Im up to at the moment! I was 44 on Tuesday and I have 2 kids, 7 and 17. Just waiting to start chemo in a couple of weeks time so am kind of at the beginning just like you!
Take care,
Pauline x

Hi Pauline Hiya Pauline

So nice to hear from you. I am from litherland and am due to start my treatment in Walton. My chemo starts on the 23rd may, not really looking forward to that but i better get used to it eh? I am 30 with 3 kids, on my profile 2!! I have also posted my little story on the newly diagnosed forum, and have been so made up with all the replies i have got, everyone is so supportive rnt they?
Anyway Pauline, please keep me informed of how u r doing and vice versa, Take care big hugs comin ur way.
Luv Jen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi I’m from Widnes and completed my treatment in Jan - chemo at the Lilac centre at Whiston and Rads at Clatterbridge. They were all fantastic. I have recently started Tamoxifen and the usual rounds of follow up appts. Youll be surprised b y how fast all the treatment will go. Keep positive and let me know how you all get on.

Hi Jen Hi Jen
sorry took so long to get back to you but Ive been offline for a while! anyway, you wont believe it but I am also a huge Liverpool fan and my first chemo is also on 23rd May!! Its a shame were not having treatment in the same place but as I said Im in Linda McCartney unit at Royal. I am just hoping that I am one of these lucky people who dont feel too bad after chemo! I spent the semi-final of the CL in hospital also as it was the day I had my axillary node clearance! I am hoping this may be a good omen as we won that night! I felt very ill though as the anaesthetic always makes me feel sick, but I knew we’d won when all the cars outside started tooting their horns!
Take care Jen, and hope it goes well for you tomorrow,
Love Pauline xx