Any one in Hackney??

Hi was wondering if theres anyone in Hackney out there who knows of any good services out there?



Not in Hackney myself, but I know there’s a Haven centre in London that might be close enough for you.

Hello - again not actually in Hackney but Cancerkin is at The Royal Free in Hampstead which is very easy to get to on the overground from Hackney. They have complimentary therapies and counselling all through the week. They also hosted a ‘Look Good Feel Better’ day there as well, which was fantastic.

There is also the Islington Cancer Counselling Trust which I don’t know too much about but may be useful to you…

Hope you find somewhere you like an best wishes to you.

The royal free is my hospital and I can say that everyone there is very welcoming and pleasant, it might be worth the train ride.

Hi I’m in Hackney as well. Which hospital are you under? I’m based at St Barts. As others have mentioned Cancerkin at the Royal Free offer complementary treatments. Once a month they also offer the treatments and Yoga and Tai Chi at St Joseph’s Hospice. I also went to The Haven in Fulham, a bit of a trek but worth it. PM me if you want any details.


i’m in hackney - had my diagnosis at homerton hospital but thinking of using private medical insurance to go to princess grace. was told i’d have to wait a month for surgery which i’m not sure i’d manage.

anyone else around?

judes x

Hi Judes,
I’m in Islington - so very nearby and being treated at UCLH. So far so good - the care has been excellent.
I also waited a month for surgery as I wanted to fit in a holiday I had planned. Lots of nervous anticipation but worth the holiday!
Best wishes to you and if you end up going to UCHL lemme know!
Cannoliwings X

Also in Hackney - had mastectomy 18 months ago at Homerton but very pleased to have switched to Royal Marsden even though a way to travel to Fulham. Wish I had done it at the start though - even if it had meant waiting a bit longer - or UCHL.
Hope all goes well. PM me about it if you like.
Annette X

hi cannoliwings and annette

thanks for messages. have PMed you annette.

cannoli i’m being treated privately at the princess grace, glad to hear UCLH is good, are you having chemo there? i might switch back to NHS for chemo, really not sure what to do. i’m on the borders of islington, in stoke newington, so not far away. maybe i should’ve gone to UCLH to start with. homerton folk were all really really nice but it is falling apart at the seams a bit - so very busy. they need more money, someone should tell the government.

any other local services that you know of? i’m going to call the haven in fulham tomorrow, although it’s far away everyone says they’re wonderful.


Hey Judes,
Yup I am having chemo @ UCLH. I think the are great there. So far I haven’t had any delays or issues and I the chemo nurses are great. I’ve had to call the out of hour number a few times because I was worried about symptoms (paranoid - it was nothing!) and they are always really nice, kind and helpful. The only thing i know of locally is cancer counselling Islington which is with a therapist who specialises in working with people affected by cancer.
PM me if you like!
CX x