any one in portsmouth area

i was diagnosed 20/12 had mri last week see consultant tomorrow for full outcome.any one locally with the same fears.D

Hi Mollie,

I am not far away but being treated at another local centre. I was diagnosed in November had a MRI, had a WLE and lymph nodes,then went on to need mastectomy. I have now started chemo.

I believe the Portsmouth unit is very good, I’ve had several friends treated there.The consultants are good.

I know there are lots of us round here, you are not alone.


Hi…I’m in the Portsmouth area, and had a biopsy on 23rd Dec. The consultant radiologist was very suspicious, said a high possibility of BC and it all came as a total shock to me! Waiting for results on 9th and very, very scared like you - although I don’t have 100% diagnosis yet. My mind is also in overdrive, but have found some lovely people on the forums and the information is very reassuring. The best advice I have read is take one day at a time, which I know is hard, but that’s what I’m trying to do at the moment. Take care xx

Thats right, just take one day at a time and when you look back you will realise it has not been as bad as you thought it was going to be.

Each step is one step nearer to the end and beating the BC.

Hi maryland how are you? I had my cinsultation yesterday and got the news that my lymph nodres have been affected.
Iam booked for a mx and anc as soon as they have a space but within the next month QA breast services really busy at the moment.
I am going to have chemo and radiotherapy and drug treatment so the full monty.
Met the breast cares nurses again who are brilliant and hav my pre op assesment 17/01.Hope all goes well on the 9th and let me know how you get on x