Any one noticed?

Hi ladies

Probably a question about a topic some may find a tad embarrasing but nevertheless I need to ask…


Has anyone noticed any changes to their genitals since being on hormone therapy…like the labia minora (inner lips) of the vagina receding to the point of nearly disappearing?. If so did they return to ‘normal’ after finishing HT or is this another body change we just have to put up with?

Joemic x?

Hi Joe, must get the mirror out and check. Definitely takes longer to orgasm! ?

Everything feels softer and less muscular, but of course the HT locks down oestrogen  which is our lovely lady hormone, so I wasn’t too surprised. X

Hi Joemic


I mentioned this a while back but it must have got lost in the mists of time… It doesn’t embarrass me a bit. I taught sex education to teenagers :slight_smile: It’s our bodies! I felt totally infantilised when I lost the hair then I checked because it made sense that if my mouth was suffering, so would my vulva. And yes, the inner labia were tiny. It explained why pee chose random routes every time! I’m 10 months past chemo, hair regrown, outer labia fully functional. But the inner labia are those of a prepubescent girl and I’m still waiting… Also, since Gwyneth Paltrow raised the matter so publicly, I just don’t smell like me (good or bad) any more. My vagina smells right, it’s the vulva outside that doesn’t. Forget candles! I’m wondering if it’s the hormone treatments? I am so glad you raise the matter but I too am awaiting the answer. Here’s to regrowth! X