Any rock climbers out there?

Hi guys

Just trying make contact will fellow climbers to see how their climbing has progressed after BC…undergoing chemo at the mo. Any chat welcome.

Love ang xx

Well I’m not a climber yet but was planning on taking it up, or at least climbing walls as I live in the lakes.

I’ve just had a bilateral mastectomy so am now very very flat chested which I understand is not a bad thing for clinging to walls.

I’m going to get back into it by walking, then scrambling and eventually hit that wall.

Where are you based?


Hi angie

The lakes are fab for climbing. I’ve been back to the climbing wall myself - it’s really a different ball game from outdoor climbing and I’m so worried I’ll not be able to climb outdoor anymore…

Scrambling is terrifying, especially down scrambles!!! At least we can walk and keep our connection with the mountains.

Take care


WOW! I can bearly climb the stairs :slight_smile:

Jacki x