Any stage 3 long time survivors on here?

Breast cancer

char2018, Im stage 3 one year post chemo and I’m NED.  The last year feels like a long time as I’ve packed so much in since finishing chemo.  xx

Hi Char,
I wasn’t stage 3, but I’ve seen others here who are doing fine. As ever, those who are ok, may not be posting simply because they’re getting on with life.
Even at stage 4, there are those here who have lived with it for many years.
ann x

Yep my mother in law 20 years ago aggressive stage 3 and living life to the full at the age of 75. Though she has always been very fit and was a marathon runner. But it is a medical fact that it’s never too late to watch your diet, exercise. My mother in law does enjoy a few drinks at the weekend and on holiday.