Any thoughts on whether to go ahead with chemo? Good and bad experiences or thoughts welcome

Hi all

Having been told I wouldn’t be having chemo I am now told it is on the cards with it currently adding a 4.8% survival stat on. I could take part in a clinical trial and if selected and deemed as a low risk then would move straight to hormone therapy bypassing chemo.

I can also do a Prosigna test to see if am low/high risk of recurrence although I am pre menopausal. My tumour was Grade 2, 22mm and 2 positive lymph nodes. I am 47

What are people’s thoughts on pros and cons on chemo? Part of me just wants to do it but am hesitant because I have Hashimotos Disease which chemo could potentially make worse. Also is under 5% good enough odds to outweigh the potential side effects?

Thank you


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Hello @newbie1

If you are considering not having chemo and are looking for a natural route then these maybe of interest to you


Chris Wark - Square One program

Both have cured their cancer naturally.
Me personally took the chemo and built in some of their ways into my daily life. I had a full pathological response.
Hope this is of help and wish you well xx

If you are on Facebook there is a really good page called ‘combined breast cancer strategies’ which has a lot of posts and research relating to the omission of chemo. The lady who manages the page works in clinical research and is really knowledgable with any questions. I personally took the chemo (she didn’t). I am happy to know i did everything on offer but it was hard. Doable, but hard. It’s a really personal decision.


One more thing can’t believe I didn’t remember to include it. It’s a book by Dr Rubio called Breaking the cancer code. I would says it’s a must read for everyone with or without cancer


Hi Newbie1, I was 69 at diagnosis, idc 1.7 cms, grade 3, her2. So I decided to go ahead with chemo (4 cycles of docetaxel and cyclophosphamide). I had some nausea but with the pills they provided, was very manageable. There was no oncotype test done. My oncologist did say they threw everything at it, also 25 cycles if radiation, 17 cycles of herceptin and my letrozole is covered. :blush:

Thanks so much xx

I had chemo 5 years ago (after a lumpectomy) and alongside other treatments including Herceptin and radiotherapy. Guess what? My cancer has returned and I have had a mastectomy this time and been offered chemo again. I have decided against chemo as I was told it did not increase my survival rate very much (statistically that is. I would not consider 4.8% good enough odds in my case but them I am in my early seventies). I found chemo very hard last time but recognise that there are several different types of chemo, different doses, different methods of receiving it and everyone reacts differently! So I think you have to ask your oncologist a little more about what is being offered and how before you decide.