Any tips for nails?

Hi. Have just had my 2nd Tax and starting to get sensitive/ sore at the bed of some of my nails, also looks like a few ridges appearing too. Has anyone tried anything that helps with this? I know I’ve read some people have lost nails, am wondering if this is the start?! Would welcome any advice

Hi Smiler
I had 12 taxol and my nails just about held on. I used clear nail strengthener on fingers and toes, lost 2 small toe nails my chemo friend lost nearly all of hers. Mind you hers have grown back really strong mine are just very brittle.
Good luck.

Love Debsxxx

Hi smiler

Some hospitals (mine did) provide ‘ice mittens’ and ‘ice slippers’ for people having Taxotere. Might be worth asking if yours has got any.

If not, you could try taking your own ice/crushed ice/chilled water in a flask with some plastic picnic bowls and keeping as much as possible of your hands and feet submerged in chilly water whilst they are giving it to you.

I’ve had 4 Taxotere (2 to go), the first without ice mitts and slippers (my decison, as I suffer from Raynaud’s). My hands and feet deteriorated very quickly shortly afterwards (blisters and peeling) and thereafter I’ve opted for the mitts and slippers and have had very few problems since then.

As debs has suggested, painting your nails with as dark a colour as possible is supposed to reflect the sunlight which irritates the nail beds and makes them painful.

I’ve also used rubber gloves for dishwashing and housework for years, as I find keeping my nails out of hot water makes them a great deal stronger anyway.

Good luck with it!



I use nail oil - Boots do one for about £5 and foot oil at night - lots of hand moisturiser


When I was having Tax my fingers were placed in two small tupperware bowls filled with ice - very strange sensation but it worked, I had 4 doses of Tax and didn’t lose any nails, see if your hospital will do this for you. The thinking is that the blood supply to the nail is frozen so the chemo doesn’t get through …
don’t really understand but it did work

Jackie xx

Hi Smiler,

Sorry can`t help, I had 4x A.C. and 3 Tax. I used nail hardener plus very dark polish to reflect the sunlight and seven weeks later I have started to lose them, I have lost 3 already with a few more threatening to go.

The only thing I would do differently is, that I would keep the dark polish on for longer,(I thought I was home and dry when I finished Tax without problems!!)

Good Luck, Take care,
Jan x

Hi Everyone
Thanx so much for taking the time to reply, some great advice I will definitely try tips you all mention and will ask about ice next week when I go for Tax 3.