Any tips for radiation?

Hi there,

I am soon to start a month of radiotherapy, after surgery (lumpectomy and axillary clearance) and neo-adjuvent chemo before that. But so close to bringing the big hurdles behind me, I find myself a bit tired of being brave…luckily I got through all of it quite well and I am just suddenly a bit scared of the end bit. 

Does anyone have some good tips? Fasting worked like a charm for me during chemotherapy, Tai Chi is helping me post-op, but I haven’t researched what might pull me through radio… 

Best wishes to everyone,


Hey Tenby,

just read ur post.

sounds like you’ve done the hard bit,  neo-adjuvant chemo and surgery…well done…you should be proud of yourself

so radiotherapy now… believe me when i say that compared to chemo,  radiotherapy is so much easier.  
I would recommend to continue with the fluid intake,  rest when you feel weary but most important is to moisturise,  moisturise and more moisturising !!  I kid you not ?? i completely recommend Aveeno Moisturising Lotion.  Used this all the way through and i had no problems with my skin.  A little redness towards the end but thats all.

also once you start , keep whichever side you’re having the radio on well covered when in the sun…  i just use to wear a scarf around and over down my left side.

so good luck for when you start,  the sessions only last about 5 minutes once you’re all lined up.  Any questions just ask.    Mini mad xx :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Everything mini-mad said plus make sure you are flexible. Extra work on that breast muscle and the mobility of that shoulder will enable you to comfortably ‘assume the pose’ like the Hollywood starlets of old: hand behind head and arm right back to thrust that boob forward, then hand to the side (a convenient rest is there).

Aqueous cream is also excellent, as is E45 cream (lotion isn’t thick enough). Just make sure you don’t use zinc cream or anything with oil in it, not till you’ve finished.

You may experience fatigue but I agree with mm - it was a doddle after chemo! However, not everyone has the same experience so be alert for anything amiss and report it immediately to the radiographers. I hope it goes well for you x