Any tips on coping with joint pain from Tax?

Hello all
I had my first tax last Wednesday and felt great until Saturday evening when the joint pains set in. I’ve tried ibruprofen, paracetomal and even tramadol but the pains are still really bad. It even hurts to walk :0(
Has anyone got any suggestions on what might help? And does the pain last all the time or does it fade before the next cycle?
I feel really fed up. I had a horrible time on FEC and thought I might be lucky with the tax, but it seems not. Hey-ho.

I found the joint pains only lasted a few days, and the first cycle was the worst. From the second cycle onwards I started taking pain killers before the pains started, and I took maximum dosage of diclofenac (a prescription only anti-inflamatory which I happened to have left over after an unrelated bout of back pain) together with the maximum dose of paracetamol. This worked for me.

Thanks RoadRunner


my onc prescribed gabapentin for 10 days each cycle. I found in only needed them for maybe 7 days or so.
I only had pain one evening & it was when I was late taking the tablets…so I know they def worked fantastic for me.

I took 2x Ibuprofen plus 2x co-codamol 30/500 every 4 hours which kept pain at bay but didn’t get rid of it completely.

viv x