Any trip neg with large tumours doing well?

Hii just wandering if any triple neg with large tumours and node involovment doing well i dont really see many its mainly hormone postive ones just wanted to see for peace of mind many thanks 

Hi yes I am triple negative and finished all the surgery and radiotherapy in July this year and now back to work albeit very part time it’s been 15 tough months but actually have some chirpy days again!! Hold on in there x

Hi jinny, I think the reason why most TN ladies haven’t replied is that once they’ve finished their treatment they don’t log in as often because they’re getting on with normal everyday life. I know TN girls who are still doing well between 8 and 15 years post dx…they don’t post anymore because all of this is behind them, others have never subscribed to online forums. Hope this helps xx


Don’t often look at BCC website now but I can answer Yes to this thread title. I was diagnosed in Mar 2009 with 6cm, grade 3, TNBC. No node involvement. Had mastectomy, chemo & rads and I have been doing well since treatment ended so that’s 5 1/2 years now.



Hi, I was diagnosed in 2009, triple negative, and mastectomy and Chemo, but no node issues. I had my 5 year check up in December 2014 and doing very well. I am just waiting to start adoption leave at the end of the month.
Life is feeling as normal and positive as it can.
Wishing you well xxx

I had a 2.4cm tumour which had spread to my nodes and was also full of vascular invasion… they didn’t think I’d get through chemo (taxol trial) without it returning. That was in '04 and I’m still very much here.


I should mention it was a grade 3+ Which had nearly tripled in size in the three weeks between the biopsy and op. I had a lumpectomy 4xtaxol 4xEMC and six weeks rads.

Hi I was grade 3 in the end it was just one lymoh node but my size was 5 cm 1 in boob and 1 armpit around same size when I started treatment. I had chemo first which possibly shrunk / reduced other nodes. I went through all treatment last year with a bi lateral. Plus just two weeks ago went for gene test will know results end of July

BAck at work full time but get very tired main goal now to get fit

Just found this thread? Grade 2 or 3 , stage 2, body scans this week (wk 3) and I know its grown since wk 1 when it was 7 cm… This thread has really cheered me up this morning! Thank you

Hi everyone…just looking back at old threads and wandering how you are all doing? …I’ve just had mastectomy and reconstruction for a 6.5 cm node neg lobular…low onco…no chemo…in need of support! Xx Rachael xx