Any way to help reduce the scarring from a breast mastectomy?

My family member who has had a mastectomy a few weeks ago has a significant scar where the cut was made. (There won’t be a reconstruction.) Is there any way to aid the wound in healing? Are there any creams, gels etc. or other treatments that one may use, or are they a waste of time? Many thanks for the advice.

Hello Jen786, don’t know of anything to aid wound healing, I think letting nature take it’s course is the best and safest way forward. As for helping scar to fade, I believe Bio Oil is supposed to be very good, it’s certainly helped keep my skin well moisturised after rads and my WLE scar does seem to be less noticeable now. Best wishes, Pat x

Hi hope your friend is doing well,m yes try Bio Oil (Primark sell it cheaper than other places) I used for both my surgeries after mastectomy, and the scarr is pretty much gone now, it has taken just over a year, but worth persevering with… good luck xx

Hi Jen,


Another option that I used was Re-Gen oil, there’s also a cream. It does the same as Bio oil but is a bit cheaper. I got mine from Asda.