Any younger ladies starting or going through chemo?


I’m starting chemo next Friday and wondered if there were any younger women on here going through the same?

I’m 35 with no children and a boyfriend of 3 and a half years.

I started a thread previously but feel a bit pushed aside as the ladies that joined are older than me and no one really responds to anything I’ve said! I’m sure it’s not personal and more to do with the fact they all have more in common with each other.

Anyway, it would be nice to chat with people who are similar as I was really looking for some support from people who are going through the same thing.

Zoe x

Hello Zoe

I’m 39 and have had one cycle of treatment. I don’t know if I can help but I guess I’m pretty young. Although when I attend the breast clinic there are many women my age and younger. I know that doesn’t help your situation.
Try not to feel hurt if there aren’t replies to posts. I think most of us end up in a ‘going through treatment’ thread as the most support and sharing can take place there.
I hope you have support at home and looking after yourself. J x

Hi Zoe as JTJ suggests the best support you will get is from the monthly threads I would suggest you join the October thread which is just getting going. You will meet woman of all different ages and situations but the main thing is we are all in this together! Good Luck!

Thank you for your kind words. I did feel a bit hurt but I’m much more sensitive to things at the moment! I think maybe they relate to each other better and I’m sure it’s not even intended, but we are all in the same boat irrespective of age really.

I do have lots of support but find I’m getting more panicky and scared the nearer my chemo date gets. It’s all a bit overwhelming.

Thank you again xx

Hi Rosie,

I started the October thread and that was the one I felt a bit ignored on. Nevermind! The Reading helps anyway :slight_smile: xx

I’m sensitive too and it’s ok because the reality is that we are all facing something identical yet completely individual to each and every one of us. It’s normal to feel scared. I have days when I am genuinely afraid of dying and other days when I feel like I can take on the world.
Something I’ve found useful is visualisation. I’m learning that my life has changed forever and I am learning to have a relationship with my fears.
You are not alone Zoe. Maybe you could join another treatment thread. I’ve ended up being in the August thread although I had my first cycle last week. I’m happy in that group and it doesn’t really matter when your tx starts but that you feel supported.
I hope you can feel a little comfort. I can’t write much more at mo as still struggling from SE’s. But take care. Xxx

Hi Zoe I am on the October thread so thanks for starting it off . I think it just got very busy very quickly please don’t give up on it after you kicked it off ! I post occasionally sometimes I get a reply sometimes not but that’s fine as I know people are on the journey with me . I’m starting chemo tomo and have done all the wrong things today ! Been rushing round like a mad thing , have eaten a curry and drinking cider ( probably regret that tomo ) take care and I will look out for your posts ! Xx

Thank you all of you. Sorry, I feel really silly now. I’m just so over sensitive! I know there are so many people on there and you can’t respond to everything that’s been posted. I think I just got myself in a bit of a tizz. I’m not the most confident of people normally anyway :slight_smile:

I have days where I panic about there not being a good outcome from this, although it’s out, hasn’t spread and my nodes were clear it’s triple negative and I’ve only recently learned more about it. My consultant didn’t really give me the full implications of this, so there was me thinking that I’ll just have the treatment and I’ll be fine. But in reality there’s a much higher chance of it coming back and me carrying the faulty gene. Then if it does come back will I find it as soon as I found this one? And would it be worse? It really doesn’t help that there seems to be loads of adverts on the TV about cancer, and when I see them the reality hits and I cry. There’s probably always been that many but I never noticed as I wasn’t affected.

Still, I have days where I feel completely fine and think about what I want in the future and those lovely times where you forget what’s happening, just for a minute.

JTJ, thank you for taking the time to help me when you’re not feeling good. I hope the SE’s calm down and are kinder to you.

Thank you Sal for your kind words and for helping me put things into perspective!

Debtex, good luck for tomorrow. Since diagnosis I’ve just eaten what I want knowing that there’ll be a time that I can’t! My “last supper” dinner will be pate and the rarest steak!

Take care ladies xx

Thanks Zoe and wise words from Alice . I am going to have my breasts checked by my doctor every 3 months to ensure I know they are ok once this is over . I try to remember that each day it is important to try for happiness otherwise what’s the point of all this treatment , it is hard but it works most of the time . When is ur first chemo … Let me know xxx

Hi Zoe - I’m 38 and was diagnosed in July 2014 with TNBC.  I had my Fec-t (the T Part)  on Tuesday.  I just wanted to get started with it as I’d been allowed to go on my holdiay and it felt like a long time in starting.  I was really scared to start with - especially with the Triple Neg thing - But I’ve deceided that whatever make of BC we have - the Docs know what they are doing and we will be rid of it soon.  In fact I’m a bit of a countdown girl and I have (fingers cross) 102 days to go until the Chemo.  Then I will be having a double MX after that.   I’m already planning my holiday for next year to give me something to look forward to:smileyhappy:.   I’m going to try not to worry too much - Like someone else said you could spend the next 10 years worrying about something that might not even happen. 


I’ve have just joined the September Chemo thread - and have posted some hair questions on the August Thread - I’m cold capping!   and both seem to be fully of really lovely ladies to give support.


Good Luck Zoe xx   



Well having recently turned 40 and friends all winding me up and telling me that I am old… I am now referred to as a younger lady by the hospital and Drs???


I am (just turned 40 young!) starting chemo tomorrow and going to try out the cold cap.  Not really expecting to retain a head of hair as I have fine hair, but if you don’t try then you won’t know.  Anyhow bigger things to worry about than my hair.  Am though trying to remain positive… Will I now not need to shave my legs? now that would be a result!


Apologies if I upset anyone with my ( poor?) sense of humour_ but at the moment I think it is the only thing that is saving me from breaking down and becoming a wreck.  Had a ‘wobble’ today, with me having too much quiet time on my hands.  Need to not look back, only forwards and fight this head on :relaxed: