Anybody doing a Fund Raising Walk?

I was wondering whether any of you are doing a fund raising walk? I am signed up for the Harewood one next June. I know from my experiences walking the Moonwalk 2003, when I trained whilst doing radiotherapy, that not only did it help my recovery a huge amount but also because I actually had the disease people were very generous in my sponsorship and despite not knowing a huge amount of people I raised £2,000. For Harewood I will be walking for my grandma and Margaret Osbourne.

I am also hoping to do the Moonwalk again this year. I have secondary br cancer and know that a good diet and consistent gentle exercise is really important for a good recovery even for the phases of secondary.

On a cursory overview of the forum topics it wasn’t very obvious where to post this but perhaps I need a new pair of specs!

Hi Caro,

I’m doing the half moonwalk, as like you I felt I needed to get someting to encourage me to train.
Have you applied for a place for the Moonwalk yet? as I still have a couple of paper forms if you need one.


Thanks Rebecca, I found 19 forms this afternoon, but thanx for offer :slight_smile: I am getting together a group of school mums and old friends to encourage . I’d like to think I might do 26 miles but have to be realistic, esp after BCC day y’day when we were told to p a c e ourselves re fatigue and bein realistic perhaps secondaries might equate to radiotherapy for fatigue factor?! But I think some of my mates might want to do the full whack. I also think I might start training a little earlier than Feb…

I know I need to get the forms in fast but am trying to drum up my mates at the moment! Have you walking partners yet?

Did you apply paper-wise, or online? Seems they have more recently withdrawn that route…

Are you north, south, east or west? Hmm trying to send this as private message but am bit of a techno-neanderthal… I have 2 children too - 10 and 19.

Hi Guys
I’m doing the Moonwalk too!. I tried to get one or 2 school mums enthused and have ended up with a team of 21! including my lovely husband who is going to join us, Pink Bra & all, Unbelievable support, I was really touched how keen everyone was. The hardest bit was getting entered though. All the on-line places have gone now I think it’s only paper applications left.
Good luck everyone!

I have done a half Moonwalk and Full Moonwalk and have been accepted to do the Inca Trail next year for Walk the Walk, though i am trying to get over a bad hamstring injury and realy hope that i can make it , although it will depend what my result of the core biopsy is and if i have BC or not. You realy must train and eat sensibly the training programme that you get offers good advice, but i pushed my trainging too hard and thats why i ended up with the hamstring injury. The whole experiance of the Full Moonwalk in London this year was amazing so just enjoy it, it is hard going though but what a buzz you get when you cross that line i was in floods of tears thinking of my sister who died of BC 17 years ago, really very emotional. Good luck to all. x