Anybody from Norfolk out there in the ether??

Hi are there any little webby footed Norfolk birders out there??I am 55 years old, new to the forum, just had surgery Dec 12th, awaiting radiotherapy, and on hormone treatment anastrozole.I live on the coast enjoy walking along the beach bit of a beach comber actually!!favourite place at the mo is Southwold and WalberswickLook forward to hearing from you with love xxx

Ooh I am in east anglia but in st ives. I come to Norfolk for breaks as I love it there. Southwold is beautiful. I have also been twall walberswick a few times. i have finished rads just before christmas and am still on herceptin and hormone therapy. Am happy to chat but appreciate I may be a bit far away. :slight_smile:

Hi there not to worry can still chat!!!Ive just had surgery Dec 12th, bit sore over Crimbo!!Am taking hormone tablets now and will be having radiotherapy soon.Longing for my hair to grow back, its about 2inchs so far!!Had a bit of asituation with my wig a few weeks ago now, laugh at it now but i was mortified at the time, was walking home with my daughter and agust of wind caught it and it blew off!!, luckily no one about, but very cringeworthy!!!
I do lots of conservation work in my area, love being out in the countryside,cant do much at the mo, cant wait to get back to it!!
Lovely tohear from you!!Happy new year!!! xxxxx

Hi. we moved from Norfolk to Suffolk earlier this year. Had all my treatment at Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals(WLE,chemo and Rads). Finished Jan. this year. Did you have your treatment there? I thought they were really good - chemo dept. were wonderful - the nurses were all brilliant. We love Norfolk and am sure will be back! I also had some funny experiences with my wig. Once when walking my dogs I bent over to get their toy to throw and my wig got caught on a branch! It was well and truly stuck - managed to free it eventually!
Happy New Year to you too!


Oh dear what are we like!!!I visualised it flying off with a seagull or something!!HaHa!!!Now I put about 10 clips in to make sure it doesnt blow away!!I also wear a littlee beret hat, I get very hot in shops, and i tend to beam like a little beacon!!
I am having radiotherapy at Norfolk and Norwich, dont know when, soon though, they were lovely there when i had to go on that full body scanner thing, I had to laugh at the instructions when you have to have that radioactive stuff injected, dont go near any cameras or allow small children to sit on your lap!!!???That was a while ago now before my chemo!The things they get us to do!!
Are you out on the town tonight, hold onto your wigs girlies!!Happy new year!!! xxxx

Hi I am from Norfolk/Suffolk borders and had my treatment at the NNUH too, finished rads in October. I love walberswick and southwold too, I often walk my dog there for a change as its only half hours drive for me.
I had MX in April last year, then chemo (3 x FEC and 3x Docetaxol) I am Triple negative so not taking any hormone therapy. My hair is just growing back now, but still have to wear a wig or a wooly hat! (its too cold not to!)
If you fancy a chat and a dog walk in Walberswick, let me know, Im a bit older than you I have just had my 58th Birthday in December ! but age doesnt matter when youve got cancer it seems!
my names wendy by the way !

Hi Wendy, good to hear from you, I live quite a way away from Walberswick, but get there when I can, I love those little shops on the green .and the lovely walks through the reedbeds, Im more east norfolk, coast, I also love north norfolk, Wells, Brancaste rBlakeney,we are so lucky.
My hair is growing back slowly,very grey though, still wearing the wigly wig, and a wooly hat, trouble is when you go in shops you usually get very hot!!when i get home, i whip it off and have a good scratch, very attractive!!I hope you had a good birthday, im not far off your age im 55.
Keep in touch, all the best Willowcat aka diane xx

Hello Willowcat
Another Norfolker here but down south in Thetford. I had all my treatment - mastectomy, chemo (3 FEC and 3 docetaxel) and 18 herceptins at the West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds with the last one at the end of September 2012, but I had my rads in the run-up to Christmas 2011 at the NNUH. I have just had my implant replaced last Tuesday as the rads had tightened it so am still getting over this at the mo. I was 60 in March, so again a similar age to a lot of you, and I became a grandmother just before Christmas.
Please make sure that you avail yourself of the services on offer at the Big C Centre at the NNUH, especially the complimentary therapies - bliss! Both you and your primary carer are entitled to 6 complimentary therapies and you don’t have to have them immediately or all at once either. Try and attend one of the ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ sessions that are run there too. Even if you are not into make-up they are a lot of fun, and it is a good place to meet and chat to others in a similar position to yourself.
By the way, my daughter’s cat is named Willow!
Love to all you Norfolk Folk out there
Mazzalou xxx

Hi! Iam from Norfolk - Suffolk borders as well. Iam from Lowestoft. Finished my treatment at 2011. Have had 6x FAC CHEMO and mastectomy, stage 2B.

Hi and welcome to all you lovely little Norfolk bods!!!good to hear from you!!Thanks for info regarding therapies,Mazzalou, my cats name is Willow too, thats where I got the name from!!she is a pretty little Tabby, but a bit of a split personality, one minute all cuddly and cute, the next psycho cat!!!
Congrats on being a Grandmum!!
Hi zibzab good to hear from a fellow Norfolker!You ll have to forgive me I dont understand some of the terminology people use on here, so I dont understand what stage 2B is , sorry!Keep in touch, love willowcat.

I do not know my self but it is european designation. It is a bit different wihich we use in England. I did my surgery abroad.My lymp was highly differentiated (similar to normal cells) SLOWLY GROWING 2 cm and 2 lymph nodes involved. As I had mastectomy I did not need radiotheraph. I had 6x FAC ( NOT FEC) chemo. Refused to reconstruction and was working trought my chemo. Thats helped me to go foward. I just kept my self bizy.

Hi there all you lovely Norfolk/Suffolk ladies - hope you are all keeping warm with the snow? Here in North Norfolk we’ve had a fair bit but it’s good to get out walking especially where no-one else has trodden it down yet - lovely.
I attended a Look Good Feel Better workshop at the NNUH on Tuesday morning (took 2 hours to get home in the snow blizzard that arrived as we left)! It was a super session - met 6 lovely ladies and we all came away looking very glam. It’s a really relaxed session and the bonus is you get to take away a bag of super products - skincare, make-up and even some perfume. A real pick-me-up and well worth attending if you can - contact the BIG C Centre - the ladies there are lovely and they will arrange it for you.

Glad that you enjoyed the Look Good Feel Better workshop as much as I did Redterrier so to any of you who haven’t indulged then you are truly missing out on a wonderful experience. They are very popular so you may have to wait a while for a session so don’t delay!
By the way, not only do the Big C offer this and complimentary therapies, amongst other things such as counselling, advice sessions and a library of literature you can borrow, it is also a good place to sit and relax for you and whoever might be accompanying you to your chemo or rads sessions. They will even provide you with a pot of tea and biscuits! You can help yourself to a lovely heart-shaped support cushion which are specially made for breast cancer patients by volunteers.
The Big C Centre at the NNUH is a wonderful resource for us Norfolk Folk so do make use of it’s facilities.

Is nice to have snow like in England! I just came in Latvia (my orgin country) with my friend (british) and she did not use to cold weather I did put on her all my thick jumpers and now she is sitting under 3 blankets in bed! Bless her. I was trying to teach her skiing but her balanss were not good. Tomorrow we are going to capital to see some historical places i hope so it will be better.

Hi Norfolk is very Beautiful in the snow, also in the summer, we have beautiful scenery if you get the chance comeand visit our lovely county, The Broads are a National Park and we have many areas of special scientific interest, full of wildlife , we do try and keep it secret though , specially for us!!!if I get a bit down I go to the sea and walk and walk, and my worries wash away!! Lots of luv D xx willowcat

Not forgetting that here in Norfolk, and East Anglia in general, we have access to the very best health care too!

I certainly agree with that , too!!!First class treatment and wonderful people who work there too!¬! willowcat x

The Big C Centre at Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals is great - lovely ladies running it and always so welcoming. When first diagnosed I walked in there in tears and they were so kind.
The Look Good Feel Better session was brilliant. Met some lovely ladies there and we received such lovely gifts of make-up etc. Plus the make up session which was fun and informative.


Hi all, I live in Norfolk - Wymondham, went to a Look Good the day the snow came and took 2 hours to get home!! But it was worth it!!
Has anyone got any advice - I am due to have a full MX and ANC on 20 Feb and am really worried about the pain and recovery part of it. Just had my last Docetaxol on 28 Jan and still suffering with aches & pains, sore, discoloured fingers and generally feel rubbish, I know I will get over it but that was my 3rd and it seemed the worse. Did anyone else suffer and can you give me any advise re:MX?
I have IBC so had chemo first, then operation, then will have rads.

Im not sure about all the terminology , but I had chemo first then mastectomy and I will be having radiotherapy starting valentines day. I was very nervous and worried about pain also, I didnt even realise I had had operation, they put me out, and it seemed like I had just turned away whilst tsalking to one of the nurses turned back and she said “all done” I couldnt believe it!!Not much pain , but very numb and afterwards shooting pains a bit when drugs started wearing off, bit sore under arm,the most annoying thing was wandering about with a couple of little tube things leading to two small drain things I had to carry around in a little bag over my shoulder, but that lasts a few days and the nurse comes to your home and checks that for you.Just make sure you do the exercises because you definitely need good movement in your arm to get in correct position for radiotherapy, plus it feels a lot better keeping the movement going, good luck, dont worry it will be fine!! xxx willowcat xxxx