Anybody from or near Salisbury Wiltshire area ??

Just wondering if there is anyone from or near Salisbury Wiltshire area? Who would like to chat or just want some support , as I know I do


Hi Bobsicle. I live near Pewsey and work in Wilton. When I was diagnosed in Dec 2012 I sent out a ‘Wiltshire’ request but there don’t seem to be that many of us - not sure whether that’s good or bad. I’m through all my active treatment now and back to work (part time) but if I can help or you want to chat, just let me know. I don’t post that often, but will keep a look out so apologies in advance if I dont get back to you for a while. Caroline

Hi, i know this was posted a while ago but was just windering what your experience was like af salisbury hoapital? My moms just been diagnosed with it again abd due to be treated there, thanks