Anybody had hair growth whilst on TAX ?

Hi there

Just a curious one…

I’ve had 4 x EC and I am now on TAX, had no 2 out of 4 yesterday and last night I noticed some tiny bits of hair growth all over my head, now whilst I’m delighted that it could be growing back I’m kind of thinking “is this normal” and “does it mean the chemo isn’t working”

Just wondered if anybody has come across this before as I’m a bit confused (and scared) and don’t see my onc for another two weeks.

Thanks in lieu

Regards, Denise x

Hi Denise,

I had the same chemo as you and my hair started growing back on the third TAX. It does not mean that the chemo is not working - dont worry. I asked my onc at the time and he said that it was unusual but was nothing to worry about. Just think how lucky we are - we get a head start (terrible pun) on growing our hair back again.

Take care


Thanks Ruth,
I have a smile appearing! always somthing to worry about with this BC isn’t there!

Denise x

Me!! Only a bit but enough got me to mention it at a check up and be told it was ok. Quite a few ladies have hair growth whilst on tax as there was a thread previously about the same. However it was rubbish thin weedy hair that grew and I had to shave it off as it was so poor compared to the hair that’s growing now post Chemo. Oh and I thought it meant Chemo wasn’t working too bur onc just shook his head in despair at me again!

I had quite a bit of regrowth on the tax- had a clear stubbly shadow by my 2nd + quite a coverage by tge time my last chemo wore off. I also asked about whether it meant it wasn’t working + she said no! She said it was rare tho. I’ve got a fair bit of hair now- finished chemo mid June. Starting to look like it’s actually meant to be short if that makes sense. Much thicker + more unruly than it ever was though!!
All the best try not to worry x

Hi girls i had 6x Fec and my hair started growing back after no 4 i didn’t have TAX but my friend did and hers started growing after 3rd FEC also .i think i read on here somewhere that it is the E (EPIRUBICIN) in FEC that makes you loose your hair ??? maybe someone else knows if this is right xxx JUlie

Thanks girls; just going back to bed… TAX truck looming… xx

My hair came bac whilst on Tax and I even asked my ONC if it was “real hair” or was it going to fall out and he just laughed at me and said yes it was really hair and no it wouldn’t fall out. Been going great guns ever since.

Good luck with yours,


My hair started growing after fec2, and now after tax 2. Ive got that oh so attractive chicken head look…Sparse gret fluff all over.
Swear its worse than being bald. I asked my onc, and was also told it was ok, but very unusual.
I hate it tho.

My hair started to grow after tax 2 but my eyelashes and eyebrows continued to fall out. Now 5 weeks after last chemo I look like a balding middle aged man. Lots round the side bum fluff on top. Use baby oil to stop it snapping. Dx

Hi Ladies

I’m feeling really jealous! I’ve had 3 FEC and 3 TAX and last chemo nearly 4 weeks and still struggling to see hair regrowth.
I bought some hair supplements but breast nurse has said waste of time just be patient.
I still have no eyelasheas and brows and am really troubled by watery eyes after TAX did anyone else experience this?


im loving that i can now run my fingers through my 1 inch locks and it doesnt come out between my fingers woo hoo xbut iam about 12 weeks from last chemo .,yes scone i had the watery eye thing aswell and drippy nose every time i bent down,

Yes, me too. Started on about the 3rd TAX-my BCN said it often does. I’m well past TAX now, full head of hair, jsut to let those of you desperately waiting for yours to come back know that it really does!

Thanks Juliebtaurus, how long did the drippy eye last for?


Could anyone clarify, when you say TAX do you mean Taxotere (think thats correct spelling) or Paclitaxol? After FEC I’m going to be having 4xTAX (Paclitaxol) & thinking yippee maybe some hope for hair regrowth a bit earlier than I thought!

There is Taxotere (docetaxel) and Taxol (paclitaxel). I had no growth on Tax.