anybody in Blackburn Lancashire?

I am 40 years old and attending Preston hospital for my 2nd round of FEC CHEMO ON MONDAY 24TH oCT.
Anyone want to meet up?

Hi there TeeCass!

Thought I would ‘bump’ this up for you.
I’m 37 and near blackburn, and all my treatment is finished (except for tamox), after my dx last Oct, I didn’t have chemo either.
I think there are a few ladies that meet over Preston way, also a Manchester group that meet, I’m back at work so not able to meet up (unless its school hols), there doesn’t seem to be many of us northerners on this forum.

I don’t come on here much these days, but felt I had to reply to someone so local, I really hope you find more ladies that are at a similar stage to you and local - I know there’s a support group at beardwood, I haven’t been myself, its a personal choice really.

Wishing you all the best for the rest of your treatment , do feel free to pm me if you want a ‘chat’. X

Hi TeeCass,

I just joined here today. I’m 38, live in Preston and am under Preston and CHorley hospitals. I was diagnosed in May and have had chemo and surgery and have an appointment at Chorley on 17th with oncologist to find out about radiotherapy.
I’d be interested in meeting up.

Hi, just joined the forum today, was only diagnosed last Friday and going in for surgery this Monday. 6th Feb but would love to speak / meet up with other local ladies? I live in Burnley


hi, i live in blackburn due to start radiotherapy next month feel scared x x

Hi Queenie74

Just bumping this for you.

Hope someone comes along soon for you

Maj x

Hi Queenie, Are you having your radiotherapy at Preston? I had mine there (but then I would, I live in Preston!)I finished my radiotherapy mid January. Try not to worry about it. I found it the least bothersome of all the treatments by far and all the staff in the Preston dept are lovely if you are going there. I reckon the worst bit for you will be driving there and back every day. Hope I’m right and it goes ok for you. Good luck