Anybody on the T-DM1 trial?

My breast cancer has returned after four years in the sternum, cysts on the liver, fluid in one lung and the lymph nodes in neck. i will be given Herceptin again, a chemo drug and Zometa for the bone.

I have been offered the chance to go on the T-DM1 trial. It seems all very confusing (37 a4 pages of reading!) Is anybody on this or knows anything about it?

I am new to the site, so thankyou in advance for any responses.


Hello Garda

I’m also new to posting on these forums, although I have been reading them for a while.

My partner has secondaries in her liver and lungs and is currently on Herceptin and Carboplatin. I’ve been looking for a possible T-DM1 trial for ages, but haven’t been able to find any. It was really disapointing when the drug wasn’t given an early licence. I’d be really interested to find out more about the trial you’ve been offered, where it is etc.

Thanks, and best of luck with whatever treatment you decide on.


Hi Ladies,

My Mother is on the T-DM1 trial and has been since January. She has Breast Cancer in 2007/2008 and returned last Christmas in her liver and Rib Bones. We have had positive results since January and if you want any further help or advice i’ll do my best just private message me on here.

Love to all


Hi Everyone,

I’m really interested in the TDM1 trials as this drug seems to be getting great results. I’m pretty much at the end of the road and not being given any other options as we’ve tried many other chemotherapies some worked for a while while others did nothing. I’d be interested to know if there’s anyone out there on this trial who has been treated for secondaries (excluding hormone treatments) prior to being accepted on the trial? My Onc says I’m not eligible for any trials right now because of certain chemotherapies I’ve already had and I’m not sure I believe this 100%.

Suzanne x