Anybody Starting Chemo Today 1st Aug?

Hey everyone, 

I start my first EC today and not sure how I feel, but nervous but kinda glad it’s now happening. I’m only taking boiled sweets but any other tips would be great. Good luck if you are starting today xxx

Not today but my first chemo is August 5th. It’s taxotere and cytoxan, 4 sessions three weeks apart. Just got a call for my bloodwork and cold cap appointment for August 4th. I dread it but I know it’s the right thing to do. I’m going to start fasting on Thursday and will continue as long as I don’t feel weak until end of the day Saturday. Painting my toenails a dark purple today and during chemo will also ice my hands and feet. That’s about it. I know it’s going to be massively uncomfortable but I’m trying to avoid as much side effects as possible.


How did you get on today? Hope it went as well as it can for you. 

I’m not starting today, but i’m also starting this Friday (5th). I’m having 3 lots of EC, followed by 3 lots of Docetaxel, then radio & tablets.

I had my bloods & cold cap done last week when I had a visit to the unit, so at least I know where i’m going on Friday.

I’ve also heard about dark nail varnish so will definitely be trying that, but havent heard about fasting, or icing your hands & feet during treatment  

Yes, i’m also dreading it & all the side effects that will come with it. I’m trying to be as prepared as possible (ginger biscuits, mints, baby toothbrush, no flavour toothpaste, beanies, hats, wig, thermometer etc) but keeping everything crossed its not as bad as i’m thinking - the hair loss is my biggest concern at the moment. 

Good luck, we can do this xx

Hi All.

Although this is my first post, I have been reading through lots of the topics on here over the past couple of months.  The knowledge, experience and never ending support and encouragement is wonderful and reading everyone’s journey’s is amazing. I start 6 cycles of EC mid August after a recent lumpectomy. My Mum has just completed cycle 12 of 16 and will have surgery later this year. Although rubbish, wonderful to have my Mum to go through this with. How are all you August Chemo starters getting on? Jxx