Anyone about? Harrowing night in Hospital. Bit down

Just an update. They took me down for my MRI at 11.30am, and when I returned they had moved the lady and her family to a side room. Apparently they didn’t have one available last night. I had lunch at 1pm, and at about 2.15pm heard the ladies daughter sobbing in the corridor. So I presume the lady is now at peace. At least she had a peaceful, painless end with her family all around.
On a selfish note, I’m hoping to get home today. Apparently they put the results of the MRI on the system straight away, but the consultant currently on duty is waiting for a report to be posted. They have faxed my prescription for antibiotics to the pharmacy, so assuming all is well with the scan, and the drugs arrive, I can get home today. My Husband will have a two hour drive to get here, and will hit the M25 rush hour, but it will be worth it to be home again.
The secondary BC Nurse called in to say the Prof has now done the referral to the Marsden for Cyberknife, so that’s the next hurdle. Hopefully that will knock the little blighters out, and they can then use Lap and Cap to prevent further mets popping up. Onwards and upwards.
On a more cheerful note, just before they took me down to imaging, my little grandaughter arrived with my husband, and the porter allowed me to sit her on my lap as they took me down in the wheelchair. He was obviously a family man because he understood her love of speed, and took us down the corridors, weaving along at break-neck speed, which she loved. Trouble is when we arrived she didn’t want to stop and had a complete paddy, rolling round on the floor and screaming the place down. She played up so much my Husband had to take her home to restore peace. As she left the department though she calmly turned round and waved at everyone, as much to say, performance over, thank you and goodnight.

Oh b*m. Jut been told I can’t go until tomorrow, as the report hasn’t been posted yet, and they also want to analyse a stool sample (plenty to analyse).
Never mind have made chums with one of the ladies on the ward and we’ve been having a bit of a laugh (as I did with Ponsmuir when we were inmates together over Christmas). Also met another lady who was discharged yesterday, and we’re meeting up to go to Harry Edwards healing sanctuary when I get back from Brittany. One of the few things about getting cancer is the really nice, genuine people you meet. Maybe the cancer strips us of all pretence, and allows us to reach each other.
Anyway, hopefully will be off in the morning.

Thinking of you LG. Glad that you now have a pal on the ward. Brittany will be lovely and then like you say onwards and upwards with the cyberknife.
I have also met some amazing people. I think that anyone who has experienced trauma of some sort is a very different person to the one they were before. All of my closest friends have in one way or another had a tragic experience. Cancer does change you. I feel very changed!

Wonderful that you have met someone to laugh with, a little less wonderful that you have to stay in tonight.
Hope you get some sleep.
Loved the story of your grand daughter playing up!

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LG,you are an inspiration the way you deal with this bloody awful disease,hope you do get home tomorrow,there’s no place like home and being with family,
All the best,

Lemongrove, there was a snippet in your last message that sounds like a breakthough on your mission for cyberknife - good for you.
You’re quite a force for good on this site and I admire your strength and resilience. I’m glad you have the comfort of contact via this site from your hospital bed. Hope you have a more peaceful night tonight,

Pleased to hear you are getting the red carpet treatment,and cyberknife sorted.So sorry to hear about your stressful night…we spent days by my Mums’ bedside on a ward so I know how unsatisfactory it is,but Mum decided to have it her own way and she passed away quietly in her sleep when we had slipped home to catch up on sleep.
Will try to catch up with you at home over the next couple of days.

Linda xx

Lemongrove, sending you very best wishes for a peaceful night tonight. I’m glad you have found someone to pally up with and hope you get home with no more delays tomorrow.
Sending (gentle) hugs
Joan xxx

Hope you’re home sweet home by now and resting up ready for your holiday!

Hoping you’re home with your lovely John and getting over the whole experience, with a restful holiday on the horizon.
susan xxx

Hi, I have been thinking about you today. I hope you are back home and resting. xxx

Was allowed home yesterday, and am just catching up on sleep now. Am still on antibiotics for another week, and they have not posted my MRI results yet, but am confident the recent blip was infection related rather than to do with brain mets.
Thank you everyone for posting when I was experiencing such a harrowing night and felt so alone.