Anyone Autistic/ADHD/Neurodivergent and has breast cancer?

Hi there, i am just looking to see if there is any fellow neurodivergents on here? :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum seraphim , hopefully you will find people to connect with . It may also be worth trying the Someone like me service which links people up to chat either in the phone or by e mail .


yes I was recently diagnosed with ASD during a week where I was having my lymph node biopsy and my reconstruction appt so it was very much a slam dunk in all ways 

best news during my diagnosis which was back in feb 

it gave me validation 

but the process of treatment is a huge adjustment 

how are you doing. ? 


Hi Seraphim,

I am I suspect neurodivergent (I think more SPD but as I said undiagnosed officially so feel free to disregard anything I say) but I’ll say it’s been very hard having my routine just pulled out from under me, having people touching me all the time - though I’m sure everyone hates this. Also (when I’m well) I generally have a very low social battery need a long recharge after being out in public/around people which I’d probably do once or twice a week working from home the rest of the time. Now that I’m undergoing treatment I’m an odd kind of lonely … before I was never lonely because my social battery was so low. Now seeing anyone/being anywhere other than my house/speaking to anyone for longer than ten minutes is absolutely exhausting. So I’m lonely, not because there’s no one but because I don’t have the interaction resource to share, 

Anyway hope you’re ok, sending hugs, T

I was diagnosed earlier this year. I am autistic x

I am autistic. Diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year x