Anyone been hospitalized with docetaxel related diarrhoea?

Anyone been hospitalized with diarrhoea on Docetaxol? It started last sat (tax+2), and by tuesday (tax +5) I was admitted. I’m still here with no signs of anything abating. 12-20 episodes of masses of water a day ? (sorry if TMI!).Had an infection crop up too, but that seems to have abated with iv antibiotics. I have oral thrush and ulcerated lips, throat and nose. Red raw itchy peeling hands. And I’m very weak, sometimes cant walk unaided to the loo. . They keep telling me it will end, but would love to hear your experiences and tips…

I’m being treated with 8 x imodium, codiene, max dose of something through a syringe driver, plus bag after bag of iv fluids. I cant really eat much of anything but today have changed my diet to very plain and small amounts. I ate too much watermelon yesterday and really paid for it. 


Purple trunks sending :heart: Hope they’ve got you on fluconzole tablets for the oral thrush, that’ll sort it out quick and get them in your goody bag now at remaining chemos so at first sign you can start them. The t can and has had a lot of us with arses quicker than usain bolt doing the 100 and it’ll be ok. A lot of people upped the carbs and used Imodium. If you get udderly smooth with extra urea cream frim amazon found that worked well on skin on hands and feet during all of chemo, not sure if you’ve tried that one? Get stuffing the bread down, brioche for breakfast followed by toast and more toast. Keep ?I know it’s difficult but your lava bum will cease and it’ll be ok. Promise :heart:??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx