Anyone been to East Surrey Hospital for BC treatment/tests??

I have been given the choice between East Surrey or Guildford Hospital for a core biopsy etc and I chose East Surrey as its nearer but i have read a few threads on here about how good Guildford is and I don’t want to be tied to east Surrey as to be honest i can travel to Guildford its just that I have a baby and a small child so everywhere i go is a hassle at the moment!! I guess i’m worried as i am listening to opinions and want to make the right decision in case i have got BC.

Hi Lolabelle

Welcome to this site. I would recommend East Surrey foy your initial tests and if you need surgery. The surgeon there has an excellent reputation and his results have been fab. Guildford think very highly of him. They share allthe care with Guildford and although they can do chemo if needed at East Surrey due to drug licensing they can not give everything, and do not do rads.
I am having my chemo and rads at guildford - which is a pain travelling wise but the staff are wonderful. You will also be able to have some of your apointments at East Surrey as the Consultants from Guildford do visiting clinics. I too have small children 3 and 5, so time travel was an important factor for me. I have no regrets about my choices that I made, and would do the same again.
Hope that helps. Please let me know how you get on. The waiting and not knowing is the worst part.

Take Care, Love

Anne x

Hi Lolabelle,

I started out with my first diagnosis 17 years ago at East Surrey - I didnt realise they still do not do rads. The Consultant I saw back then wanted to send me to Guildford for treatment - chemo and rads, but in those days I was terrified of driving on motorways and asked if I could go to Royal Marsden in Sutton. I don’t know where you live but the Marsden is a specialist cancer hospital with a reputation I believe is among the best. I am so glad I made that choice so long ago - my bc journey has been a long one with many hiccups along the way but I have been well cared for. I too have heard that Guildford is very good.


Hi lolabelle,

I have not had treatment in your area but had my surgery at St. Georges and Radiotherapy at The Royal Marsden in Sutton. Having the care split this way has been absolutely fine and manageable. I know that this won’t help with your decision but I just wanted to tell you that it does work out ok.


Hi Lolabelle,
I have been under the care of East Surrey since May, and have found everyone there to be kind, caring and professional. The radiologist who did my core biopsy explained everything well, which helped. My surgery was fine, and the support from the breast care nurses has been excellent.
I am now going to Guildford for chemo therapy( in a trial), but was seen initially by the oncologist at ESH.
Again I am very happy with my treatment, the chemotherapy team are very approachable and seem happy to answer questions etc. The travelling and parking is a bit of a pain, but I’m getting used to it!
I hope your biopsy is clear, but if not you’ll find lots of support on here, As Anne says, the waiting is the worst part!
Best wishes

Hi Meg

I have been under ESH since July. I even asked for my chemo to be there but unfortunelty taxotere is only licensed in oncology centres (think it has something to do with cost - but do not quote me on that). I too am very happy with my treatment.
Can I be noisey and ask what chemo trial you are on?
My brief history - core biopsy - small grade 1 idc - wle and snb - clear margins on idc (found to be grade 3!) but dcis also found and no clear margins - so opted for mastectomy with immediate LD recon (very happy with results). Idc found to be grade 3 and also they found a small grade 3 idc away from orginal site (it did not show on any scans etc -so glad I went for big op). Due 3rd fec tomorrow anthen for 3 tax, a month off, then 6 weeks rads, then tamoxifen for 5 years.

What ever decision you make - you have to be happy with it.

Take Care, Love

Anne x

You are all so helpful thanks so much! I have never driven on a motorway either which is a tad embarassing but adding the extra anxiety onto my journey seems silly at this stage and your comments made the east surrey choice a lot clearer for me as I was 99% happy but my mother seemed to think i should go to guildford but with all due respect what does she know??!

I feel so close to tears constantly but only privately as my husband thinks i am being really strong and nonchalent about the whole issue but thats just my way i guess as its large and hard and unlike anything i have ever felt in my body before and that alone scares me. I guess having a 6 month old i am still a bit all over the place anyway with my hormones so prone to tears etc but hopefully good news…

Hi Anne and Lolabelle,
I’m on the TACT2 trial arm 4, which is accelerated Epirubicin for 4 cycles(just had the last one), followed by Capecitibine tablets for 4 cycles. Very tired today, but otherwise the side effects have not been too bad…no sickness etc.They gave me an injection of Neulasta the day after each chemo, which boosts the blood cells, and that helped, especially when I had a cold.
Don’t worry about the motorway…not sure where you live, but there are some pretty back routes to Guildford if you need to go there…they have been lovely with the autumn colours!
I know what you mean about putting on a brave face, and with a new baby etc so much is going on it must be really tough.
When have you got your biopsy? I had to go back for mine, as they were so busy at my first appointment, but they did it 2 days later. It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, and as I said before they explained everything very well, which helps.
If you have any questions the breast care nurses are brilliant( have you met them yet?), and of course you will find lots of help here!
Take care,

Hi Lolabelle

Have just posted on your other thread as I am having treatment in Guildford. Hadn’t realised though that the team in Guildford has the link with East Surrey anyway (Thanks Anne for that info) - definitely sounds as if you should start in East Surrey and stay local while you can.

Let us know how you get on

Kay xx