Anyone blogging about their experience?


Is anyone blogging about their experience? Friends from work suggested I did and I have found it quite therapeutic. Would just be interested in reading anyone else’s if they are.

Yes, LJSam, me!


I love it!  It’s been my therapy from the very first phone call telling me I needed to attended the recall clinic up to now and I see no reason to stop.  It helps me off load, it helps me keep those friends and family that want to read in the know, and also helps others in similar situations.  Win win.


What’s the address of yours?


B x

It’s great isn’t it I am going to read yours now thanks for sharing.x

I’m not but I am reading lisa lynchs book the c word. Which started as a blog alright tit. I can’t put it down!

Great blogs Belle and LJSam. How do you know how to do these. Is it easy? Do you just update it weekly or daily? Xx

To be honest I just googled it and found a free blog site and just went from there the one I use weebly it has an app for phones etc and is easy to use.

I will read Lisa lynch’s book too thanks for recommending.

Thanks for the other blogs love reading those too.x

Delurking to say that I’ve been blogging my experiences since April this year. I just had my second chemo today.


Love your blog, Belle, and know exactly what you mean about it being cathartic. I originally kept mine private, but then realised that it might be a good way of keeping my family (who all live some distance away) and friends (particularly online ones) in touch with what’s happening. It’s also a useful way of sharing the experience with fellow cancer patients - I’ve found reading other people’s blogs can be a very positive experience, particularly with regard to all those unknowns you have before the treatment actually starts.


Sam - it sounds like you’re having the same treatment as me. Sorry your experience has not been particularly great so far. I hope things will pick up for you soon.


If anyone’s interested in reading it, its at I can’t guarantee it will be particularly entertaining, but hopefully it will be informative :slight_smile:


Hi LJ Sam,


Yes there is a lady currently blogging - here is the link to her blog -


She is also known on here as Belle - this is her profile and she is active on the  Chemotherapy Monthly thread for Junne 2016 and a few others.


Hope this helps.


Sue xx

I started blogging from diagnosis - it has really helped me to come to terms with it all - xx

Hi, I have just signed up to this site, trying to find support, still trying to find my way around. I was diagnosed 19th April with 2 small tumours oestrogen receptor positive. Had a lumpectomy and 17 lymph nodes removed 3 weeks ago. Went back for results yesterday, and felt sick at the results, 10 lymph nodes contained cancer, a 3rd tiny cancer was also found. And postive HER2, which explains the agressive nature of the cancers, as I was and still being told, I caught it early. I feel like I’ve been diagnosed all over again, all the cancer was removed, expecting just a course of radiotherapy, now face chemo and herceptin theropy, totally devastated, can’t stop crying and in need of support and others experience x

Just taken a peek at all the blogs listed here and they’re all fantastic!

I’ve never blogged before but decided to do one as a diary during my recent mastectomy and DIEP breast reconstruction - i really enjoy writing a post and it’s a great way for friends and family to keep up with how you’re doing. I’d certainly recommend it :). It’s…

Can’t believe it’s not listed here so in the interest of completeness here’s the utterly fabulous Liz O’Riordan, Breast Surgeon with Breast Cancer:


It’s a mine of useful information.


Anyone else any blogs they’d like to add?


B x