Anyone diagnosed ER negative?

I’ve just had my first biopsy results back. Which indicate a small lump 22mm, grade 3. I have an appointment booked for 7th Sept & provisional date 14th Sept for lumpectomy. I have been told it is ER negative so wouldn’t benefit from Hormone therapy tablets. So likely to be looking at RADS then chemo. Waiting on HER2 results. The ER negative status is scaring me? Should I be? Or is it just that been able to take hormone therapy tablets gives you more insurance for the future? My positive head is starting to wobble.

i cant answer your question but I can certainly send you a massive hug xxxx

Thank you Sue.

Hi Scooter,

Treatment for any bc is excellent now & if er-, it can be just as effective. If it comes back her2 pos, then there is a very effective targeted treatment for it. Yes, of course, hormone treatment offers another long term option, but it’s still not 100% for everyone & some women (many don’t) have troublesome side effects which you won’t have to deal with. 

ann x

Hi Scooterbek, how great you have your plan in place. I wouldn’t worry about ER -ve/ +ve as your team will have it all covered. Your treatment will be absolutely tailored to your particular results. The amount of research that has gone on means that BC is one of the most treatable cancers with excellent success rates. Looking on it positively, no hormone inhibitors so no nasty side effects? Hang on to your positivity , your medics will work so hard to get the best results for you . X ?

Gosh, I will have taking hormone tablets too! I understand there are side effects but how ‘nasty’ can they get??
I’m already constantly thinking of the lady telling me ‘chemo felt like she had been poisoned!’ and I start in 8 days!
Now really starting to get nervous:(:frowning:

Hi CK & Rosie,
Please dont freak out about side effects. I’ve been on tamoxifen for over a year now & have been fine on it.
The majority of women are fine on it or at least find any side effects manageable.
I must say that reading the experiences here on the ‘going through treatment’ board did not help my anxiety before starting it, simply because that there is reporting bias in that those with problems are, of course, seeking support with it, not those for whom it’s not an issue.
As ever, see how you both go, then you’ll both deal with any side effects issues if they arise.
Those pills are doing an important job!
ann x

Anne-m and Ladybowler
Phew! That’s made me feel bit better! I know any medication can have side effects but didn’t realise it can be nasty! That really did cause alarm but maybe it was written in a funny ‘nasty’

defo ‘funny’ nasty CK!

I’m on Tamoxifen too and other than Tamoxifen tummy (where I put weight on round my middle) I’ve had no side effects at all - sorted the Tamoxifen tummy out with Slimming World and lost it all x

Thanks Annie… especially saying ‘Your treatment will be absolutely tailored to your particular results.’
I have been worrying I’ll be told that I am triple negative…but I don’t know this will be my full results. I’ve managed to tell myself today that what ever I’m told HER2 positive or HER2 negative I will just have to deal with it & handle what ever is thrown my way!
Today I’m focusing on new healthy menu planning & The Rainbow diet as a way to distract that wandering worrying mind.

Sorry I forgot to say Rosie I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get on okay with hormone inhibitors & any side effects are manageable. X

Thank you for the explanations ladies. I think I’m just a bit sensitive to what people say at the moment as we can read into tbings and then the mind wanders. I think I can understand nasty as being kind of annoying. I didn’t even remember who wrote it AnnieJ and of course you had no intention to alarm anybody. It’s just all very

Ok… I have just been diagnosed with ER negative grade1/2. Just waiting on HEP results. I can’t find much on ER neg - only that it prevents me from having a particular hormone treatment. I’m a very anxious person anyway… so does ER neg mean this is bad?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

Nrs Merton
Rhanks for that explanation as eben rhough I am on cycle 4 I still get worriex and anxious as to why and how we are given treatment plans.
I’m Grade 2 IDC Her+ Er+Pr+ and Ive had lumpectomy, chemo 3xEC and 3xDocetaxil and herceptin, will have another op to clear margins, 15 rads and then Tamoxifen. Just wonder why Im having everything?Well, nearly everything:0