Anyone due to start chemo in April? - Awesom April Angels

Like your thinking Wendy, how about Awsome April Angels, anybody else got any ideas xx

Hi Ladies
Wendy , think you have it - Awsome April’s - does that sound ok to everyone? :slight_smile:
Amber D - looks like you are the front runner in terms of start dates so we’ll all be looking to you for the gory details :slight_smile: Let us know how your wig hunt goes- i’m thinking scarves and hats and possibly a wig for work (if and when I can face it!)
Zuzy - Interesting you have already had 10 removed and now going for full clearance. I had 1/2 the first time and then 1/11 the 2nd time - not sure why I didn’t get full clearnace (which I think is in the region of 20) that’s what i thought I was getting - will ask the doc on Thursday!
I’m a bit worried that another op might be on the cards for me - 2 so far. While taking another bit from the tumour area (supposed to be good tissue) they found high grade DCIS - hope this doesn’t mean another op and delay things further. Just want to get on with it now! Was at the dentist today and getting some work done (rush job) over the next couple weeks - you may have heard this already but good to go before chemo starts and get anything done asap.
Other thing I just realised is that if you go onto ‘latest posts’ which I was doing, you don’t always see all the posts so best to come through ‘getting treatment’ ‘chemo’ on the left hand side - you may know this already but thought I’d mention if not!
You learn so much reading these posts - my hubby is worried I’m reading doom and gloom horror stories, but I’m actually finding it all really educational and comforting knowing you are not alone (not that I am wishing this on anyone else…)
Big soft hugs xx

So “Awesome Aprils” it should be - and apologies for typing errors in last post. Thought I could share some good news for a change…
First good thing today - had drain removed and didn’t feel a thing
Second, absolutely wonderful thing - got results today from lymph node op last week. I’d got two micromets - 1 mm and 0.7 mm - in the node removed when I had my mastectomy 4 weeks ago but there was NO cancer in the nodes taken out last week. Such a relief after I’d spent the last week thinking myself into some very dark places… Probably shouldn’t be, but am celebrating with a moderate glass of wine. Now just have to psych myself up for the chemo…
Thanks for all the support - sure we’ll need it over the next few months but, as you say, Pauline, it’s wonderful to know we are not alone.
Wendy x

Hi Wendy - I’m celebrating with you with a whiskey and Irn Bru - pure class :wink: that’s great news!

Amber, sorry - there must have been a delay in your post - love the Angel’s extension !

Awsome April Angels :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if we can change the name of the thread or do we need to start a new one reflecting our fab name?
Pauline x

Good name! i was v surprised they’d taken 10 but Apparently the number you have varies quite a lot and I had a lot that showed with the dye but quite a few we’re v small? It’s all a bit of a mystery to be honest! Will be interesting to see how many I end up having in total!

Hi Pauline, I think as you started it you can go back and edit it.

Hi Lola65 - thanks for popping in. I’ll give that a try

Pauline x

Amber - Awesome April Angels - love it!
Pauline - whisky and Irn Bru??? Not for me I think - but enjoy it!
Wendy x

Amber yes I think you can change the name, or ask one of the moderators to do it for us. Zuzy where abouts in London are you? I’m in Hackney, so attending the Homerton but think chemo is at Barts.
I’m wondering about whether its possible to go for chemo on my own, or whether best to have someone with me. What do people think? Maybe some of our January & February ladies could give some advice? I went in on my own for both lots of surgery (we’d been told I couldn’t have anyone on the day ward, although everyone else seemed to have extended families in tow). It was fine, and the nurses seemed to take extra good care of me. I wonder though how practical that is for chemo, or if its best to gently prepare my OH for coming with me.

Hi Panacea Funki from the VALENTINES thread here.
I would definitely have somebody go with you for the first chemo at least. You may walk out of there feeling perfectly fine or you could feel a bit light headed and nauseous. Better to be safe than sorry. You will be fine on your own whilst having the chemo but I would arrange for someone to come and pick you up or travel home with you.

Hi Panacea,
Im currently number 3 fec of 6, I have both mum and sister for company having chemo, and because both of them nurses they don’t trust anyone with my care so watch like guard dogs ( they watch everything like guard Dogs anyway lol)… My chemo suite is lovely, very intimate and cosy. They sit with me while I have the cold cap on, they go for lunch and come back and we read and chat. This makes the day go quicker. Your hubby will be fine, let him take books to read or laptop to play on. Once he sees you settled and happy he might decide to come every session to keep you company or he may decide to drop you off and then pick you up. Why not include him on the first session so he can make his own decision once he knows you are happy and safe.
Good luck Awesome Aprils you’ll be fine
Maggie x

Thanks Funkilala and Maggie. I guess its the not knowing what it’ll be like that’s got all this whirling round in my head. I’ve gone for all the scans and biopsies on my own, partly so that my partner can save his leave for when we really need it, and also because if I go on my own I don’t have to worry about him worrying about me! But I think perhaps the chemo is a whole other ball game.

Ladies - I cant see how to change the name of our thread to Awsome April Angels - shall I just start a new one and put a note on this one to redirect people to the new one?

Deborah - like you, I went in for Ops on my own but def intend to take hubby to the chemo sessions - even just to settle me in then come back for me. We might not be able to drive!

Pauline x

Hi Pauline,
If you contact the moderators, they may be able to change the name of the thread. I know this has been done in the past. Good luck!

Thanks for such a reassuring post, Maggie.
Wendy x

I’ve never posted to a forum before so not quite sure if I’m doing the right thing here! Anyway, I’m pretty sure I will be joining the Awesome April Angels. I was diagnosed on 18th Feb and lump and nodes (at the same time) removed last Wednesday. Next stop for confirmation of treatment is the 25th. Really scary stuff and I hope to stay positive, give and receive support, and generally share all the stuff that this journey is going to bring.
Nicki xxx


how are all you awsome angels this evening?
had a wee bit of a wobbly day, met up with a lovely lady yesterday who had recently finished her treatment. Reality kicked in, Iam really struggling with losing my hair, I feel my my identity is going to be taken away from me and Iam not in control any more.
Anybody else feel like this?
Pauline, maybe I should try your whiskey n iron bru, swop it for the vodka n iron bru lol.
take care Angels, have a lovely evening
Ps. Anyway heard from Charlie lol xxxx

Thanks MM , I’ll try the moderator in the morning then and see what they say.

Welcome Nicki - we are all newbies as well and getting the feel for things, soo glad you have joined. I’m at hospital tomorrow after my 2nd Op so hope to get date for appointment with Onc

Amber - Whiskey n bru is the bomb, so much so that I’m having another one this evening :slight_smile: you should give it a try!!

I’ll let you all know what hospitial say tomorrow - anyone else got app’s this week?

big soft hugs (I’m still sore!)
Pauline xx

Good luck for tomorrow, Pauline - will be thinking of you. I’m having another glass of wine tonight to celebrate seeing my lovely surgeon today and not bursting into tears! Still not convinced about whisky and Irn Bru though…

Take care - and gentle, virtual hugs
Wendy x

Hi - I was just reading some of the previous posts about going back to work and financial issues (I know I am getting way ahead of myself but interested!) There are some really sad stories about ladies being forced to return to work too early or not getting paid while off etc. There was a good bit of advice about keeping a note of dates and conversations with employers etc as you really dont know how their views will change over the months that you are off.

Personally I have been very lucky so far, not officially signed off and can work from home albeit I have stepped back from my normal day to day a fair bit due to Ops. I do however, envisage having to be signed off at some point (prob during chemo at points) and whilst my work have been abspolutely terrific so far and I don’t really expect that to change, I think I will start to keep a note of conversations / emails etc just to be on the safe side. Might be worth other AAAs considering?

so much to consider, take care

Pauline x