Anyone due to start chemo in April? - Awesom April Angels

I was diagnosed in February and since then have had 2 surgeries. First was a lumpectomy with 2 lymph nodes removed. One node had cancer cells so had to have a 2nd op to get all under arm nodes removed and also had to take another small area of margin from beside the tumour. I also had a horrible tube thing in for a few days to drain the fluid - so uncomfy - glad thats out now! I am due my results of 2nd op this Thursday - a bit apprehensive about that and to hear whether other lymph nodes are affected.
I have been told I will definitely have chemo, 6 sessions every 3 weeks followed by radio. Given time required to heal from Op, I’m guessing chemo will start in April although don’t yet have appointment with Onchologist.
Like many other’s I’ve found out a lot myself from reading sites like this. To be honest my surgeon and BCN haven’t really told me anything unless I have asked. This has been quite frustrating as the more you read, the more questions you have. I intend, on Thursday, to ask for a copy of my pathology report however, piecing together the info I have acquired I had a 34mm lump, invasive grade 3. I think, because of my age (44) i would have got chemo anyway regardless of whether any nodes were affected. I’m very impressed with how informed everyone seems to be and feel like there is a lot more I should know! I like to be in control and want to know everything so will make sure doc and BCN understand this!
Anyway, let me know if you are due to start chemo in April and hopefully we can help each other through. I know a lot of the ladies from other month’s pitch in as well with support and advice which will be great
All the best xx

I think I’m likely to be starting chemo in April too and will be looking for support and tips then, I’m sure! I 52 and was diagnosed in mid January with a large area of non-invasive DCIS plus a 13 mm grade 3 invasive tumour. I had a mastectomy in early Feb, with a lymph node biopsy which found tiny areas of cancer so I had a further operation last Tuesday to remove lymph nodes - more painful than the mastectomy (and I’ve still got the horrible drain!). Like you, I’m very apprehensive (scared?!) about getting the results but don’t see the oncologist until 19 March. I’d been told I’ll probably have 6 rounds of chemo (then Herceptin and hormone therapy). I suspect I’ll be starting chemo mid to late April so it would be wonderful to find some support from you and anyone else out there in a similar position. This forum really is excellent!
Take care.
All the best
Wendy x

Hi, just wanted to wish you all the best. I started chemo last April, having 6x FEC and rads in September. You will get lots of advice and support on here and hopefully you will find the members of your April thread will keep you going through the good and the not so good. Our ‘bunnies’ thread have met up once last October and are due to meet up again in April to ‘celebrate’ a year from chemo. I know I couldn’t have done it without them and we still continue to support each other as we understand what we’ve all been through.
Good luck and lots of love,
Gaynor xx

like Gaynor I started my chemo in April last year, 3 FEC & 3 TAX, followed by radiotheraphy & hormone tablets. I am typing this from Baja in Mexico where I am on holiday, I flew out on my diagnosis date. You will get fabulous support here & I know I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support of the fabulous April bunnies. Good luck.

s xx

Hello everyone, a wonderful idea.
I had WLE and ANC on 7 Feb, and didn’t get clear margins so had further surgery last Thursday and not waiting for results again. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but as I had small (8mm) grade 3, and 2 positive nodes, and am HER2+, the expectation is that chemo will be recommended. if so, then I’ll probably start mid April.
I’ve already got loads of info and support from others on the forum, and I think particularly for people going through chemo at the same time it seems a great way to share info and keep each other going. And then there are the amazing women like Gaynor and Southpool who are so generous to come and share their experiences and give encouragement.


Hi, I was diagnosed mid Feb with grade 3 invasive DC too (im 46) and a week later on the 28th had a masectomy as there were 2 lumps. After surgery I was told that they found a 3rd lump but sentinal node biopsy was negative so no lymph nodes were removed. I’m going tomorrow to see the cancer team to get my results and treatment plan so guessing my chemo will start in April too. Are you like me in that you can’t quite believe you’re even typing the words cancer and chemo? I know it’s happening but I still feel like it’s to someone else and not me
G x

Great to hear from you all! I got some unexpected news this morning. Whilst visiting the nurse at my GPs, to get wound checked, i popped into see my GP to get more pain killers (still sore from tube thing!) Anyway, I shared my frustration re ‘lack of info from hospital unless you ask’ with my doc and asked if he had a copy of my pathology report. It turned out he did and not only the 1st one but the 2nd one as well (the one I’m getting the results for this Thursday!!) So my second report says they removed a further 11 lymph nodes, one of which was positive with 10 ‘reactive’. I’m not sure what 10 reactive means but sounds like good news to me that only 1 from 11 was positive - that make a total of 2/13 positive. I’m still learning about all of this but think this means a recuced risk of the cancer having spread elsewhere??
No doubt I’ll get the full explanation from hospital on Thursday however lessen learned - your doctor can access your pathology report after a couple of days!!!
Deborah - not sure when you get your results but might be worth trying your doc first!
Wendy - I dont have my Onc apointment yet but hope it wont be too long!
Gaynor / S - thanks for poppoing in with support

My path report alos says (after re- excision to remove margin at tumour) - 2 high grade DCIS which i think is pre cancer cells but not sure what will need to be done about this?
Also - ER neg, PR neg, HER2 neg - think this might be ‘triple negative’ which I’ve seen somewhere on this site but not sure what this is or what it means? Another question for the hospital!

take care xx

Just popped over from the February Valentines group. It’s a great idea to begin a group for those starting chemo in April. I’ve found the support from the other Valentines a great scource of comfort. Due to have 3rd Fec on 21st March, followed by 3 tax. Had Mx 12.12.12 with snb. 3cm, grade 3, stage 2b. 3 nodes removed with one positive for cancer. Tumour was ER+ and PR+ HER-, ao IF I have rads (I hope to get away without it) I will be on a hormone tablet for 5 years.
If you’re triple negative, then there is no other treatment at the moment, which is why you need the chemo. Triple negative means your tumour wasn’t hormone sensitive, or HER2 sensitive.

Good luck for April
Poemsgalore xx

thanks Poemsgalore, nice to hear from you. Hope your 3rd round goes as well as it can - pop in again soon x

Hi Pcmartin, I’m not sure what reactive means - but my medical vocab is expending day by day! I don’t get my results untl the 22nd but that’s only to confirm that they got clear margins, at least I’ve already had the other results. My BCN printed my path report out for me right away, and has been great. She changed my dressing for me today - its impossible to get my GP surgery on the phone never mind get an appointment - and she suggested I come in again later in the week to check it again and just to see her in case I want a chat.
I’m going to try to relax and recover from surgery over the next couple of weeks, and try to prepare a bit for the next hurdle but hopefully without getting to uptight and paranoid about it!
I’ve made a dentist appointment - one of the things I’ve picked up from other threads is to get teeth sorted out as far as you can before chemo.


Hi Panacea - sounds like a good plan to relax until the next bit, I feel the same. Also have dentist tomorrow to finish recent treatment - another box ticked!

Foxy - missed your original post, sorry! yea it does all seem a bit strange, rewind 6/8 weeks and i would have been shocked/horrified at the thought of BC, now talking about it as a matter of course! doesn’t take long for it to become a ‘normal’ part of your life :frowning: let us know how you get on tomorrow
big hugs x

iam due to start chemo on the 2nd April, FEC-T 6x3, 15 sessions of radio followed boy meds. Diagnosed in January, op 9/2 WLE & ANC, invasive ductal grade 3, 3/22 nodes affected cancer spread outwith one of the nodes. Have read loads of info but would be good to stara this journey together and support each other through the tough times and come out smiling at the end.


Hello Amber, it sounds like there’s a few of us now in a similar situation.
By the way, I’m in London, where is everyone else?

Hi Deborah,
opposite end of the country, Iam from north east Scotland

Welcome Amber :slight_smile:
Good that you have a start date (I think!) I’m back on Thursday to officially get results of 2nd op removing more nodes albeit I already have the results from my GP - 2/13 positive (post above explains!) Hopefully I will get my Onc appointment in next couple weeks and get my start date too. I’m a bit worried that they also found ‘high grade DCIS’ from an extra bit they removed from the tumour margin as not sure what that means in terms of treatment - hopefully not another op. I’m also triple negative and doing lots of reading about that to understand more.
I must admit to being completely ignorant to breast cancer and it’s complexities before this, there is so much to it and lots to get your head round!
take care
Pauline (Glasgow) xx

Hi all, I’m hoping to start chemo in April (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!!) I was diagnosed in October, had WLE and SNB on 15 Feb following 4 months of neo adjuvant hormone therapy, 4/10 nodes involved so have full clearance on 22 March…It’s been nearly 6 months already and really just want to get on with things now! I’m 38 and also in London.

Hello Pauline and Amber, I was born in Glasgow, so I’m with you in spirit up there. I’ve got invasive ductal G3 with 2 nodes so it sounds like we’re not disimilar, it’ll be interesting to see if we end up on the same regime. I’ve having a very lazy day today, and I may even go back to bed at some stage. I seem to tire so easily now, I’m not sure if its being off work, or if its partly psychological. Apart from a few slightly wobbly days I’ve been pretty optimistic, and just glad that I noticed my lump when I did, but I guess the stress may still be taking its toll on me.


Hi Deborah

Us scottish lasses are made of strong stuff :slight_smile: I’m fortunate that i can work from home so still doing that for the moment albeit I have stepped back and not getting overly involved in too much. My work are fab and I feel very lucky, have read some horror stories on here! I had a few days off after each Op to recover and still feeling quite tired after Op last week. Apart from that very positive and pragmatic about things which i think helps.

Naps are great, enjoy :slight_smile:
Pauline x

Hi Deborah & Pauline,
it truly is a minefield, so many questions but lets take strength from each other and the other lovely ladies on here. I didn’t realise there were so many different types, grades etc but I guess unless it affects you or someone you know we’re all in the same boat.
iam going to try and get a wig sorted out in the next week, it will be my safety net, losing my hair is a biggy for me, I feel like I’ll lose my identity and be labelled a cancer victim by everybody if I wear scarves. Don’t feel I would be that confident at the moment anyway but I guess that could change.
Anyway what are the April group going to call ourselves?

Amber xx

In my other life (not the life of hospital appointments, insomnia and breast cancer websites!), I am a lecturer in further and higher education. One of my lovely tutor groups this year - 16-17 year olds - call themselves the "Awesone OneSure wee we could incorporate the words “awesome” and “April” into a suitable title…

Wendy x