Anyone else experienced first time inadequate pathology results?

I have just had a phone call from my BCN telling me unfortunately the pathology results from my core needle biopsy were inadequate… this means next week I have to undergo a double biopsy … ( on the lump I originally went in for and for the mass they found at ultrasound) has this happened to anyone else on here??

Would be helpful to know that this happens often… my BCN said that 90% of first time core biopsies turn out inadequate

Mine were inconclusive, so had to be repeated. I suppose they take such tiny samples that they don’t always manage to get the right bit. Don’t be surprised if your breast swells as a result of the biopsies. Mine was quite uncomfortable, but the swelling diminished within a few weeks.

Thanks hun… the consultant did say that sometimes it has to be repeated… the bcn nurse this morning asked me if I was terribly bruised… and yes I was!!!..finding it uncomfortable to wear anything but a sports support top at the moment…dont think it will be healed in time as double biopsy next week :frowning:

How long did you have to wait for your repeated results?? …its the waiting games thats the worst x

My ultrasound revelaed a second area that was unclear so had double biopsy and only one that showed on ultrasound was cancer. I then had MRI and have had phoe cal from BCNl to ask me to go for another ultrasound and possibly another biopsy.

Mapie… thanks for replying… Im hoping that the mass they found on the ultrasound might be something and nothing :-)…iits like a spanner has been thrown in my life and really dont know which way to turn… sounding polite on the phone to the bcn when really I want things to hurry up… is that normal? i guess it is…always thought i was a patient person but seems not xx

It is normal to want things to hurry up and BCN will understand what you are feeling they are very good. Don’t feel you are not a patient person as it is difficult when you are waiting on results of something that is a major thing and could be life changing for you. I am just so scared of any more tests as every time they do a test it seems they find something else and I just want to get on with the treatment and get it sorted. I know thought that they can’t till they know exactly what they are dealing with and the right treatment for it. It is better thaat they are thorough than to treat something they are not sure of and then perhaps it will be the wrong treatment.

Oh Im so glad that Im not the only one feeling all these emotions… same as you hun… each time I go for something theyings find new things to poke and prod at… bcn suggested keeping a diary in which to write down any questions etc… so I think that might ease things a little…I only told my son today as he got engaged last week and I didnt want to detract from his joy x