Anyone else got micropapillary Breast cancer?

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed Feb 17 initial diagnosis being IDC, and have had chemo, surgery in October and I have just finished radiotherapy. I have only just properly read my path report and noticed the type is micropapillary. Whilst the fact that it was grade 3, er positive her2 negative and 7/19 nodes were affected etc etc were all discussed and explained to me, no one has mentioned micropapillary and what that means. I have stupidly googled and scared myself a bit as all I have seen is that it is rare, aggressive and prognosis is generally poor. I will call my BCN tomorrow for more info but wondered if anyone else has had this diagnosis and could give me a little bit of reassurance and compare experiences perhaps?

Hi Sara - have only just seen your post as I don’t visit this site so often these days.I was diagnosed in February 2003 with grade 3 triple negative micropapillary bc. Two out of eleven lymph nodes were affected and I also had vascular invasion.I could not find much information at the time about micropapillary ca and what I did find was not particularly encouraging so gave uplooking in the end. I am still here nearly fifteen years later and I am well and have had no recurrence in that time.I hope that this gives you encouragement for the future


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