Anyone else had pain at Op site 2years on?

Hi there, just wondering if anyone else has had pain in the affected breast a long time after their WLE?  I had WLE with chemo and rads which finished about 2years ago.  I am on Anaztrzole, alendronic acid and calcium for osteoporosis, but 49.  The pain started intermittently about 2 months ago but now is constant and I can’t lie on that side.  I say pain it’s more like the achey heavy pain you got when you were breast feeding and your milk was full (!). I can feel it with each bounce when I run.  I mentioned it to my surgeon at my annual check up (when it was not constant - a month ago) and she said they had given me all the treatment there was and didn’t seem bothered.  Almost like if it is something there is nothing else to give you?  I am going to see GP on Friday but wondered if anyone has had anything similar, could it be scars settling or slight lymphedema? , hoping for nothing more sinister!

Hi lynniepins,
Yes I do. I had my treatment 4 years ago and still get stiffness and odd pains in the op area. I don’t worry overly about it as I get same sort of pains in my finger where I had an op in 2012. I also brought it up with care team at an annual check and the consultant had much the same attitude as yours. It is not reassuring but seems to be their way of saying it is not something of concern but they could put it over better. Sending hugs Michele x

Hi Lynniepins,

Yes I get aches and pains arounf WLE and SNB site and am almost 2 years post-surgery. I had a clear 2 year mammogram recently and discussed the pains with the breast doc who reassured me it was normal. I have had slight breast oedema too and I think that has contributed. Hope your doc can reassure you.


I do too, coming up to 4 years post op in March and still get shooting pains and tenderness, all perfectly normal I was told especially after having radiotheraphy X 

Hi, i too get pain around op site following WLE last february i notice it is more pronounced when i am over tired or have been overdoing things. I was going to bring it up at my first annual mammogram in january but from what you are all saying i doubt i would get a different answer. I guess its something else we just have to live with!!
I was told any worries see gp and they can fast track back to breast care unit - i suppose it depends on each individuals pain but it would just be nice to have reassurances that everything is ok and its nothing to worry about from those that are experts. Xx

I’ve gone a bit blank and can’t think what WLE stands for!? Anyway, I had a mastectomy over a year ago. I have found that the area feels tight some of the time and wonder if this is to do with going to the pool quite a lot and the skin becoming dry and in need of moisturising. I did have chemotherapy and radiotherapyas well and maybe the latter also makes the skin tight(er). I experience some mild discomfort under my arm from time to time and am supposing that this is where the nodes were removed. 

Thank you for sharing info about pain. I had a WLE in May 18 and just recently have started to experience pain over the scarring. When I spoke to my breast cancer nurse, she told me it is more than likely the nerves repairing themselves. I think that once you have received a cancer diagnosis any niggle and you think its returned. 

Hi. I had my first surgery nov 2016 and second in jan 2017. Since the first surgery I have been in excruciating pain.  I was told other ladies suffer pain and there was nothing they could do.   In mid 2007 I had pain injections into my back and breast. For the first time since that first surgery I had some relief. This was repeated later in the year. It will be done again this year. As I understand it, this can be repeated twice a year but I am unsure for how long. I am advised that the nerves were damaged in surgery although the surgeon has not acknowledged this, nor is that person interested. Every day despite the injection I wakein pain and go to sleep in pain. I have learnt to live with it.  It’s not been easy. I have to find distraction techniques, which have been provided by my Counsellor and Maggies. My surgeon tells me cancer does not cause pain so I guess that is reassuring.  It’s not, nor has it been, easy but l am surviving.  So can you ???



I had my lumpectomy 7 months ago and 15 rounds of radiotherapy. I know what you mean. I have a tender place under my right arm where my tattoo is re the radiotherapy marker. It hurts or ache when I lie on it at night time. My right breast scar tissue also seems tender and sore sometimes. I’m due to see my oncologist next Monday so I will ask him if this is normal. Where I had one lymph gland removed under my arm, that’s quite sore too.


Good luck.