Anyone else had these symptoms?

4 months ago left breast started to swell until it was 3ins bigger than right over  space of 4 weeks. Then the nipple inverted and clear nipple discharge. Also pain in left side of breast and shooting pain to nipple. Pain and tenderness in armpit and muscle spasm/numbness in left shoulder blade. Referred to br clinic - mammo and ultrasound clear. No lumps found in examination. MRI breast comparison done - nothing found. Consultant agreed symptoms suggest bc but nothing found. Said GP needs to do further tests to get to bottom of this as something def going on. Discharged from clinic. Been to GP - he refused  to refer to anywhere else. Said we need to wait and see what happens. I am 64 - never ill and take care of myself, ie don’t smoke and eat healthily. Anyone else had these symptoms? If so, did you get diagnosis?  

Could you go to another GP in practice and ask for a second opinion ? It doesn’t seem very satisfactory that you have been left with all these symptoms but no explanation .

I think you are right to see if you can progress it in another way .Very frustrating for you .I guess your GP just doesn’t know what to do next .Maybe someone else will here will be able to shed some light but very often if people get good news after investigations they never log on again so obviously don’t share this on the forum .Hope you get some answers soon.

I haven’t had similar symptoms but am wondering if you’ve been able to get a GP to arrange a referral /diagnosis yet.  

Hi - I have an appt with a female dr this afternoon so I am hoping she will be more help in getting this diagnosed. I have spoken to a friends daughter who is a pharmacist and trained in diagnostics and she has made some suggestions and offered to look at blood test results etc if they will give me copies. She actually asked more questions than the gp!

Hi Lorkin. So glad you are in the throes of being checked out. Is there a particular place that is sore and does it feel numb? I ask because I had clear mammogram and ultrasound but radiographer did biopsies over the main area which was sore/numb. My symptom prior to the soreness was a swollen breast. The biopsies revealed Lobular BC and MRi confirmed spread of 110mm. Lobular BC can be missed on MRI too so I was lucky. I think it’s important to be pushy when you feel something is not right, as doctors don’t know everything. Best xx

Thank you for sharing that info Breastfriend ,it just shows you how important it is to push if you don’t feel things are right .I have spoken to a number of ladies whose cancer has not shown up on a mammogram .Thank goodness your radiographer was so thorough !!!

Hi Lorkin. Yes, trust your instincts. I was on the mend but now have a suspicious lump in exactly the same area as where my LBC was most concentrated. It feels just like the LBC did. I’ve been told by the team that is probably fluid (Sedona?) and scar tissue. There’s the rub - the word probably. I’ve seen my GP and she agrees a physical exam is not enough. I’m waiting for an appt with my Consultant. I want full, 100% assurance that my LBC has not returned and I think only a biopsy and MRI will give me that. Time will tell x

 My original GP was a pig…  they found a mass so i had to have biopsy which sugeon organised. I confirmned with surgeon the day before appointment that he had results which. i guess i already knew the results but i had to wait til the following day which was fine with me… BUT my FEMALE GP called me and asked if i had the biopsy and i said yes and i told her i knew she had results but i did not need her services because i had surgeon appont the following day. SHE insisted that she had to see me and gave me an appoint in 2 hours from the call… she then went on to tell me i needed to bring hubby… i needed to stay calm and i needed to let someone else drive… PIG told me on the phone i had cancer…BUT that wasn’t the worst… i went to appoint with her and said ok so i have cancer so what do i do now?.. she say… oh, i don’t know, i don’t specialize in that… you’ll have to go see surgeon tomorrow for any answers… she sent me away… with no info… and i was numb to the bone… i reported her. I am happy to say my new female GP is wonderful