Anyone else having surgery in September ?

Hi all,
I finally have a provisional date for my surgery. 6th of September all being well. Is anyone else having surgery around then.
I am having an mx with no recon. I can’tdude to a clot.
This is the part of the treatment I am most worried about, so would love a surgery buddy to share experiences with and compare notes.

Hi Raechi

Whilst you await replies I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Treatments’ page where you will find information about surgery and afterwards which you may find helpful to read:

Our helpliners are also on hand to offer further information and a listening ear on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 saturdays, you may also wish to ask about details of our one to one support service where you can be put in touch by telephone with someone who is undergoing similar treatments to you and is another way to gain support

Take care


I am having my surgery on 28th August also with no reconstruction, have to wait as will be having chemo and radiotheraphy. Have already had surgery on 28th July, but now unfortunately have to have a mastectomy :frowning:

I’ve recently been diagnosed and having wle and sentinel
Node biopsy on 17th September- seems like ages away and rather surreal
at the moment especially seens I’ve had a long weekend away and been nice to forget about the shock of being dx with bc. At the mo just got wle and rads after with hormone tablets to follow so my bc is lightweight compared to those of you having chemo and mx op. I should be so lucky…would be great to share the journey and the different ups and downs cause there are loads!

Hi Vallygirl 51 - I am in the same position as you. Having WLE and Sentinel Node Biopsy on 4th September and at the moment its to be followed by rads and hormone tablets. Have to have a wire fitted in breast on the morning of the op at one hospital and then have to go to another hospital in the afternoon for the WLE and SNB. Emotions have been all over the place because of the shock but I do know how lucky I am that it was picked up early from a routine mammogram.

Totally like you ups and downs. Ive had a weekend away on a trip and haven’t had to face it so much but today had letter with date for surgery - gulp… So it’s real! What wire is going in your breast? Be thinking of you on 4th x

Well I did have visions of a coat hanger dangling out (!!) but had my pre-op yesterday and was assured it is a soft wire which will stick out a couple of inches and will be taped down. The wire is to mark the lump, it fortunately is small size so I guess its so they know where it is to operate …I have been given so much info in the last few weeks my head is spinning at times! x

Kirstie and others.
I will be having MX next Tues 29th. Following on from chemo.

Your keeping the humour up. Anytime I see a coat hanger I’ll be thinking of one sticking out of a boob!!!

Well youve gotta laugh while you can

Hey all, nice to have some companions on this crappy journey. My chemo is finished. Alreaas had the sentinel node biopsy and 2/2 were positive.
My boyfriend has decided tocall me O B one, due to my upcoming mx. OB for one boob.
Charming huh. I know he is not being mean, just trying to lighten the Situation.
Am enjoying a lovely few days away to take my mind off it all.
Hope you all are coping ok.

Have had my pre assessment bits done today. Still waiting for someone to say -sorry we got it wrong-your fine!!! Oh well try and get through next few weeks being as “normal” as poss!

Hi Valley Girl, yes I sort of managed to push it to the back of my mind the last 10 days until I had my pre-op last Monday, now it feels like countdown until 4th Sept! Its my birthday on the 5th Sept, some pressie huh??! Its weird, I don’t feel ill in any way, no pain - just getting on with everyday stuff with this thing ticking away inside just waiting for `D-day’!! Its just crappy … x

The letter I received recalling me for biopsy etc was post-marked on my birthday 25th July. Happy 51st have a good year (not!).
Like you trying to push it to the far reaches of my over active mind. Better when I’m busy like working no time to think then- Three weeks of “normal”. Being down the hospital surrounded by ‘sick’ people is to uncomfortable for sure! Got your button down pjs and sports bras yet??!!! Thinking of you- keep calm !

Yep sports bras to the ready and decided to go for button down nighty, Vera Wang no less, I figure if I have to go to hosp for an op I’ll go in style (£9.99 from TK Max) ha ha!! Got a bit tearful last night, its just sought of creeps up on you, but a good day today and out tonight with the girlies for a few red wines! Have a good weekend x

Hi Rae, I am having surgery on Sept 12th so would love to hear/share experiences,

Hiya lyds,
Mine is on the 6th, so not far apart. I am so not ready for it though. I have been shopping for bras. A nightmare for me as most surgery or front fastening bras don’t go up to my cup size!
I do have a front fastening nightshirt and pj’s now though.
Are you having a mx or a mx and recon?
I have not had my pre op assessment , all that to come I guess :slight_smile:

Hi Valley Girl - Just wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you tomorrow. I am 11 days post-SNB and WLE, 2 nodes taken out which were clear. No chemo and now waiting for appointment to start rads but have been told it will be in about 6 weeks. Tamoxifen for 5 years. Feeling ok just a bit sore still under arm where nodes were taken. Let me know how you are xx

Hello Kirstie. How did your surgery go? I had 3 segmentals on 21 June, 2 August and 28 August, booked in for mastectomy on 4th Oct. Reconstruction has to be delayed to after treatments. Not looking forward to mastectomy.

Hi Raechi. How did your surgery go? I am booked for mastectomy on 4th Oct.