Anyone else in Asia??

Hi there to all

I have just found this forum and so pleased to connect with others going through a similar thing.

I am Scottish, but work overseas and am being treated in Bangkok - is there anyone else nearby…



I am in Bristol but if there is anything I can help you with! I am 18 months after diagnosis and almost a year after my chemo. I had a bilateral with reconstruction (and also some nodes affected). Sometimes, just writing helps so…I am here!
Pir x

Oh! and just in case it helps, I am not British so I understand what is to have treatment far away from your family in a foreign country.
Take care!
Pir x

Are you OK? How are things going?

hi there feistybluegeckp,
I finished y treatment may 2008 but have just been diagnosed with post radiation brachial plexitis. As I’m staying in Pattaya I’m being treated here. Here until May.
When I was first diagnosed in August 2007 I researched and, as Bangkok had such an excellent record for treating breast cancer, I volunteered to be an NHS ‘tourist’ - but they wouldn’t let me :expressionless:
Hope you’re doing well
x x x

Hi there, Sorry I am not living close to you… but I am Scottish and live in Edinburgh! I have been dealing with BC for 20 years now and unfortunately I have had bone mets now for 10 years but am doing well. I have recently finished 8 months chemo and had a mastectomy in 1989. Having a busy day today as having 6 for dinner. It is “Gie dreech” here so you are not missing much weatherwise. Did you ever have treatment in the UK? There are lots of people here to support you whatever you are going through just now and we have ladies from all over the world writing on the forums. One is in Australia and a few in France to name but a few. Love Val

thanks so much for your replies - I have been back in Yangon between chemo sessions and had internet problems so only just seen all of your messages.

It is so good to hear from you all.
Updates from me - I am doing ok - have had 5 chemo cycles now (4 EC) and on sunday the first taxotere. Just getting used to the new side effects.

It is so good to connect here as it is very lonely, even though my hubby is here and really supportive. Just so good to hear from other women who know what it is really like!

Thanks and please keep in touch

Hi philippa,

Just found this thread and want to say hello.

I’m from China and now living in Bristol. I was dx in June, 09. Just finished chemo and now on tamoxifen.

I live on my own and all the rest of my family are in China - my parents did visit my but they couldn’t stay long due to visa etc… So, I kind of know what’s like to be in a distant country and feeling lonely. Good to know your hubby is supportive! I have lots and lots of supportive friends.

Hope everything goes well

Take care and keep in touch

Hi Philippa!!!

I’ve just seen your blog. When I sent my message last night via FR I didn’t realise that you too are dealing with all this.

How is it going?

Elizabeth xx