Anyone else in the fight for symmetry surgery? (Newbie)

Hi my lovelies, I am new. This is my first post since my introduction so please forgive any faux pas. 
I had an smx in March 2021, sentinel nodes removed, all good. No reconstruction allowed.
i was told I would wait about 9 months for reduction surgery on Boob 2. I found out about symmetry surgery, or ‘going flat’ and knew after much research that this was what I wanted instead.
Long story short, it’s been a hell of a fight, and I have had to advocate hard for myself, and I’m still in limbo, still dragging around one enormous boob.
But I, who am usually up for standing up for myself and others, have struggled so much to do that here. Every phone call, every meeting, every request, every letter, is a huge struggle. I feel guilty, I feel like I have no right to ask for what I need. I feel like I’m being too pushy, too stroppy, asking too much, all the time. i cannot get a grip. I have had to recruit friends to push me to make calls, to check my letters, to write scripts for phone calls. Oh, it’s bonkers.

So I thought I’d ask. Does anyone else have a similar crisis of confidence when dealing with the BC team? Is anyone else struggling to get symmetry surgery done? Is anyone else waiting the long wait to put a full stop behind all this and get on with life? I don’t really need advice, I think, so much as to feel like I’m not alone in this great big soup of big feelings. And maybe some validation that it’s okay to fight for what you need if no-one else is going to make it happen. 

Hi I know you are not the only one having this struggle , it’s awful you have to fight so hard to get something so important to your well-being . Hopefully some of the people I know have gone through this will see your post and comment . Best wishes Jill x