Anyone else just started chemo?

i had my first chemo Fec-T last week and feel as if I’ve started a journey with so many different emotions and paths to navigate. Just starting to get over nausea and waiting for my hair to start falling out. Decided against cold cap. Think I’m going to get my hair shaved off but don’t know when to do it? Soon? My hair feels dry and no longer really mine. Wondered if there was anyone out there who has also just started chemo to help share and support each other. Also any tips to getting through chemo and on keeping positive?

Thanks everyone X 


Hi, I started my chemo yesterday. I used the cold cap but not sure if I would use it next time. Mind made up that I will probably lose bits of my hair anyway. Haven’t as yet had any side effects, maybe it’s early days. 

I am just taking every day that comes for now.  Hope this helps X

Hi Ladies, wishing you all the best with your chemo. There should be an April 2016 chemo starters thread in the chemotherapy section on the forum for people who have started chemo this month.


Hi Helensmales, I also decided against the cold cap. I don’t know if there is a best time to shave your head but I think you will know when/if you are ready. I’d had a shorter haircut before I started chemo but my hair was still fairly long. When my hair started dropping out I wore a hair net to bed. When I got fed up of picking hair out of the plug hole, I decided to cut it off and shave to a number 4 with a shaver I bought online. My husband helped me shave the back of my head but it wasn’t his forte so I sacked him and did it myself after that! I became quite good at it! I felt more in control of what was happening from that point on. I wore a hat, head scarves and buff type scarves and had a wig for events out. When I finished chemo the nurse advised me to shave 2 or 3 more times before letting my hair grow back. I followed her advice and my hair is growing back thicker (My hair was quite thin before). It’s about 2 cm long now and I don’t wear scarves or a wig anymore. So, even though it may seem daunting now, I just wanted to reassure you that having no hair can give you new options and when chemo ends, hair grows back ?.


My best tips for getting through chemo are to be kind to yourself, accept help from others, accept some days will be better than others and in my case, go for walks, try different types of fruit teas, watch some good Tv and have some fun on social media ?.


All the best X