anyone else straight to secondary mets diagnosis?

Hi, feeling a bit lonely…just started treatment, and wondered if there’s anyone else in similar circumstances? HER2+, grade 3 inter ductal, liver Mets.  No surgery. 

Sheila x

Hello Sod6162

Whilst waiting for replies maybe you could call our free helpline and talk through your concerns with one of the staff who are there to support you.  The number is 0808 800 6000 and lines open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturday,.

best wishes

June, moderator

Sheila i am so sorry to hear your dx but i found myself in the same situation and i agree its a very lonely and scary place to be. 


I was dx early April with early stage 2 bc that had spread to the nodes and i have a lumpectomy and full node clearance the things went downhill.  Now regraded stage 3 with 18 nodes positive. Had a clear bone scan but did not get clear margins so was due a seond op.


Now told CT scan not clear and my consultant discussing it Monday at a multi disciplinary team meeting and they wont tell me any more until after that so i am terrified.


I know it has spread but dont know the details so thinking the worst.


Stay Strong xxx


What treatment you having and why no surgery


Tricia xxx



Hi,Sheila,there are a few of us on here with a double whammy diagnose.

We tend to hang out on bone mets thread regardless of what mets we have.

We are a very friendly bunch,slightly mad,full of advice we support each other as we are all in that leaky boat together so we understand.
Huge hugs,Helen xxxx

Hi Sheila, I can’t remember the exact percentage of us diagnosed with mets at time of initial diagnosis but it’s higher than most would expect. I was stage 4 at diagnosis, bone mets, had spontaneous hip fracture when I was in my early 40’s. This was twelve years ago and I still have my primary, it’s very small, mostly scar tissue. It was very unusual then to have any surgery if stage 4. Take Care. X