anyone emigrated

just wondering if anyone has emigrated since being diagnosed with BC, and if so how have they managed to get their follow up treatment, the country we are thinking of is France a couple of years, i will then be two years after being diagnosed.

Hi Polly

I have recently moved to France and have required more treatment since relocating. By and large, I have been very happy with the care I have received and have particularly appreciated how approachable and obliging the medical staff are.

However, the most important thing is to ascertain before you move whether you will be eligible for continuing care in the French system, as some forms of entitlement only last two years, depending on your age and work status. I’m no expert on the system, but there have been some major changes to it recently, as I expect you’ve heard, so it’s worth checking. I expect you also know that some form of health insurance is just about essential, as the French social security system only pays, roughly, two-thirds of the medical costs incurred by an individual - although cancer and some other conditions are often handled differently.

I’m pretty sure there are others on this site who are also living in France and that they will be able to add more details

Whereabouts in France are you hoping to go?

Best wishes


hi bahons2
we are only in the first stages of looking but we are thinking Normandy or brittany so we can pop back to see family. Not sure if we should wait until my 5 years are up, but once you are diagnosed you just want to put some of your dreams into reality, in case things take a turn for the worse. thanks for your reply.

Hi Polly

That’s a lovely area, isn’t it? I’m further south.

I totally agree with your perspective about doing things sooner rather than later - that’s what we did, too!

Good luck with your dream!