Anyone ever had Ciprofloxatin?

Hi ladies,


just wondered if any of you had ever been treated with this antibiotic? I am currently on it and have read that it has loads of side effects. However, my onc said that they have used it a lot and found very few problems

one of the scary things that can happen is that tendons can snap, maybe months after treatment.


anyway, would be so grateful for any help, feedback you can offer.



My husband had COPD and that was one of the many “go to” antibiotics.  No problems with it.  On every GPs list of anitbiotics, nothing special.  Best not to read the entire long list of side effects I think with most drugs because they rarely happen.   

Hi Moijan
I was given a week’s dose of ciprofloxacin following my recent stay in hospital with breathing problems. I didn’t have any of side effects listed but only on it for a week. You can’t have milk 2 hours before or after taking it so I had to set up alarms on my phone for no more milk!! Bit of a pain when you like cups of tea all day! And definitely no alcohol sadly!
All the best with your treatment, Helen x

Hiya Stacey
My hubs also has copd …and has all the antibiotics poss too also steroids …at monent with change of season …hes really bad.
Oh …I wish I didn’t read all the side effects on the pills but I just cant help myself …in my silly head I need to know if I grow an extra ear or get royal blue spots …that’s its ok as its a s/ e of the pills !! Ha ha .
Carolyn xx

Gosh ladies! Thank you all for getting back to me!! Yes, you are all correct about reading the side effects, however, I always do look at them!( something about my job in an earlier, more sublime life, I suspect!) 

well you see, I damaged my tendon just before xmas, when I broke a bone in my wrist whilst bell ringing. 


I couldnt ring for three months and that was depressing! Anyway, the side effect they mentioned most seemed to be about tendons, which can ‘snap’ months after the drug was stopped! Apparently the USA powers that be were pressurised into being very clear about the side effects as the public were up in arms!


Actually…would have been nice to chat to FF, but I did ring to check the results of Mondays MSU this morning and the reg said nothing had grown and so .i could stop after three days…so now, only have the next few months to worry sbout my tendon ? Snapping!


Was so very reassured to hear about your stories.


Have borrowed some hugs from Carolyns hug cupboard to give you allxx

The other thing that hrlped, was that the lovely staff nurse canulating me today mentione ‘chemical cystitis’

which makes perfect sense to me! i am on Eribulin too, ( and the side effects list urine infections!) anyway, hopefully any prospective buggy things were nipped in the wings, so to speak!xx



.have done soook much research about this drug…Im interested in FunnyFaces comments on Ciprofloxatin, because the USA. Issued a black box warning about it! I have discovered why people sometimes have tendons go…the drug blocks an enzyme which is needed - needed to relax a muscle after excercisr. So the.muscle stays in tension…the tendon is what joins muscle to bone. The drug also. Changes cells in the tendon…and sonetimes it snaps.

i. Have also read that magnesium is a healer,but wouldnt swallow it myself, *. might rub some oil in.

* as on chemo.

am going to just hope im not unluckyxxxx