Anyone ever had rads to same area twice??

Hi Ladies
Just a quick query…
I had intensive rads to left side following surgery for mets to skin and chest wall. Worked well and cleared up the rash but the hard lumps appear to be back in my scarline. I would like further rads and have mentioned it fleetingly to onc who didnt dismiss it but Ive heard they wont treat the same area twice?? Is this just because of long term damage? If so, Im wondering if they would take a chance on me as they are not expecting me to be around long term anyway (Im now stage 4 TNBC). I cant bear the thought of the skin mets kicking off again as it was theworst nigtmare ever watching ‘it’ spread before my eyes so I thought Id see if any of you have had rads twice before asking next week when I see my onc.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Tina x

Hi Tina

I had tomotherapy which is v targeted rads. It is often given for brain tumours as it can control the rays much better than conventional rads so limits the damage to other areas. Just wondering if this was an option if further damage was the issue. I know there are only five machines in the country. The one I used was at the northern cancer centre in Newcastle, but I know they brought people over from Cumbria to use it, so patients must be able to travel. It might be an option, have a look online to see if it is worth asking about.
Hope you don’t mind me butting in the secondaries section.
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I had rads twice to left side but different parts, once to the breast area and underarm, once to the chest wall area. They said it was ok as long as the areas didn’t overlap.

Hi Tina

Maybe Cyberknife could be an option for you? It is so precise that it can be used to areas that have previously had rads, and only targets the tumour. I do hope they can work something out for you.

finty xx

Hi Tina

I’ve had rads twice to my spine area, about a year apart. They said it was ok because of the time gap.

Alison x

Thanks for the advice ladies :slight_smile:
I will have a look at Tomotherapythanks deb. Did you have that as a private or nhs patient? Although Im mainly concerned about the scarline, Im concerned about the whole previously treated area tbh as Im having lots of twinges, itches, tightness etc and I cant help thinking there is significant activity in my chest wall. Thanks I will have a look online now x
Finty- thanks for your suggestion about cyberknife. Is it available across the country and nhs? We have private healthcare through hubbys work so could use that if necessary x
Im just praying the carboplatin works Ive only had one cycle so its early days but as yet, I cant feel any improvement…

Thanks again
Tina x


My tomotherapy was on the nhs, because of the position of my tumour. Conventional rads would have affected too much of my heart. My rads were in nov and my scar line ( which it quite big) itches and twinges a lot. I also get stabbing pains in my breast and chest. I was told to expect this for some time to come. It is v disconcerting though and makes it v hard to forget. My chest on that side feels slightly different to the other side, my surgeon was not worried and blamed rads. I really hope your rads have zapped the b**gers.


Tina I think Cyberknife on the NHS is very patchy and also takes a long time for approval - I was told it could take up to 12 weeks. Definitely better to try privately - I got my approval from the Cyberknife MD committee within a week, and the insurance co (AXA/PP) only took two days to approve.

finty xx

Thanks for putting this post on Tina, interesting that some ladies have had rads to the same area twice as I thought that it wasn’t an option. Something I can now discuss with my onc.

one of my freinds had a recurrence about 18 mths after wle and rads and they were offering to do a further wle plus more rads or an mx… she went for the mx but apparently there was some research about which suggests that areas treated by rads can have further rads.

i havent read the research but her onc was quite on with it.

Hi Tina!

I definitely did have rads twice to same area round my collar bone - two years apart - as I remember both had a kind of kite-shaped burn going on in the area. The second time - last autumn - I had very strong ones and you know the rest of the story (fingers crossed!) The cyberknife option seems really promising for your scar lumps. I’m with Aviva with Mike’s firms insurance and I would look into it if I were in your position - certainly not unlikely in the future - if you get no joy from conventional rads at your hospital.

All the best, Sarahxx