Anyone ever started with pain?

Hi I’m new here!  Two weeks ago I started getting a burning pain in my left breast at the nipple. It’s not always constant bad but there. I can’t even carry my son on that side bc the pain and burning goes up into my arm pit so bad I get tears. Also a very small almost pinky nail size dark spot on my skin appeared and my breast just feels different. Went to GP she did an exam and said my breast are lumpy and dense natural so hard for her to know difference. But said since all this is new and I know my breast and think they are different she referred me to the breast clinic for a mammogram and ultrasound especially since I took a very high dose and estrogen birth control recently for a year to help with bleeding that concerned her. I’m trying not to worry but it’s consumed me. Has anyone else had anything similar? 

Hi amandawright2829. Feeling anxious and worried over unexplained breast pain/ changes is totally understandable. Glad you got a referral. The clinics are very thorough. The waiting and not knowing, and in your case pain is very distressing. Hopefully you’ll be seen soon and feel better. I did have pain in both sides many years ago, it was just hormones, and just went away. This time I’m just waiting on results from a routine visit. Take care.

Hello Amanda,

I am new here as well. It is interesting that this is the first subject I see when I found this forum online, as I too, twelve years ago now, started my breast cancer nightmare with pain in my nipple. None of the doctors that I saw at the time had ever heard of such a thing, so I did not get proper treatment. It turns out, that the lump they found was growing on a nerve. Starting with the biopsy that struck the nerve, and proceeding on to lumpectomy surgery, radiation, and Tamoxifen for as long as could stand it. The nipple pain eventually subsided years later, but the surgery itself, coupled with too much radiation, has left me with intense nerve damage, and I am in constant pain in my entire breast (at surgical scar and all around). I don’t mean to scare you, mine is a rare worst case, but if I had known at the time it was nerve pain, I might have done things very differently. 

I hope this helps a little bit, and I wish you the best of luck!