anyone experienced this ?

Hi all
I finished rads 4 weeks ago about 2 weeks ago I noticed what looks like tiny hairs in the pores all over the boob ? weird they do come out the ones that seem to have got bigger seem to pop out of the pore if you scratch the skin … really weird has anyone else had this & if so how do you get rid I give it a good wash with flannel & gentle soap each day like a mini massage its helping a bit


I haven’t got that far yet, but my guess would be that the skin is slightly swollen or tense and that’s making the hairs more pronounced, and more likely to come out.

sorry - posted before I’d finished. That’s my guess anyway. I will watch my skin with interest!

Yeah that could be although ive been very lucky not had any soreness it is more sensitive though but these hairs pop out & are not connected like they are all dead but just laying in the pores, Ive black hair & having strange visions of waking up with a hairy boob lol

Hi Mekalar, it’s now a couple of months since I finished my rads, but what you describe rings a bell. The breast on my ‘good side’ does have tiny weeny colourless hairs if I look closely enough. The nuked side does not - I do recall tiny hairs coming out when I washed. The enlarged pore look has gone now, and my sunburn/tan has faded, but that side remains ‘bald’. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about - but I’m not medically qualified, so please do get professional advice to reassure you. Does your hosp have a post radio help line? If so, I’d give them a ring.

Take care.

Thanks RC as it goes I wasn’t too concerned as I knew it had to be something to do with the zapping its quite funny when I look at it, Yes they do come out when washed (some do) Ive still not had my follow up appointment with my Onc come through yet but when I see him I will ask him about it

Thanks again x

I think it is quite normal for radiotherapy to cause hair loss,people having it to the head are warned bout this. I had chemo so didn’t have any hair to lose, but where my armpit was included in the beam I now do not get any hair growing. I did notice the large pores as well.

I had this and it reminded me a bit of when I had laser hair removal on other bits of me. The hairs kind of frizzle up and die and after some time fall out. I hadn’t realised I had any boob hair until this happened!